The Shadow As Muse Artist Retreat Egypt 2020


The Shadow As Muse Artists Retreat
Luxor Egypt
March 22nd – 25th, 2020

Come explore the West Bank of Luxor while staying in the luxurious accommodations of Al Moudira Hotel. While we have a theme of working with light and shadow, artists will be invited to experience these ancient sands and ruins through whatever medium they wish.
The grounds of Al Moudira offer numerous opportunities for plein air painting and photography walks. Participants will come together each day in an informal setting to share ideas, work, and conversations. We will dine together under the stars of the Egyptian desert, and find ourselves in the valley of the queens and the crypts of the kings.
While inspired by the ancient Egyptian art on the walls of local ruins and temples, we will visit local art galleries in Luxor and meet Egyptian artists. Bridging cultures and customs we will share perspectives and a mutual love of art. There will be optional day and half day excursions available (not included in event fee). Which will include trips to local temples, the Valley of the Queens and a lovely relaxing sail down the Nile with a local guide.

This four day intensive will be moderated by American artist Hillary Raimo who will design a daily schedule of free flowing intent defining introspection which will hopefully assist in birthing a new work, idea, concept or project. Come ready to immerse yourself in local and ancient Egypt, to seek out and study the shadow, and express that journey creatively.

All participants are responsible for booking their own travel and hotel accommodations. The program will begin promptly on Sunday March 22nd at 11am. We will be staying at the lovely Al Moudira Hotel on the West Bank of Luxor.

The Shadow as Muse, An Artists Retreat
March 22nd – 25th, 2020
Al Moudira Hotel, West Bank of Luxor
US$850 event fee only

Participants will receive a daily schedule once registered.

The Shadow as Muse Artists Retreat

$850 event fee only






Returning to Egypt, Creating the Extraction of the Supreme Self Series

Screen Shot 2019-07-31 at 10.51.51 AM

Just how do adventures start?
What sign do you believe or follow?

The last time I was in Egypt I came by myself. No groups or agendas, schedules or themes. I stayed in Cairo mostly, but recalled fond memories of my last visit to Luxor and the Al Moudira Hotel. The west bank of Luxor is known for many things, mostly wide open spaces with buried treasure for miles.

I knew I would someday return.
Owned by photographer Zeina AbouKheir the layout of the hotel transports you back in time.

Which is exactly where I want to go.

Extraction of the Supreme Self
I am going home to my beloved land.

Will I write endless things? or craft a poem just so…
will I paint the Nile blue?

Having just soaked in equatorial waters…
It has become clear, the world needs more passion and sensuality.
Hence, my return and focus.






Salmagundi Club 2019 Photography Open FORMATION by Hillary Raimo

“Without being able to source the core imagination of the earth as the seed crystals of vision, human creativity would be so diminished. Trying to imagine a rhinocerus or a tree frog or a sequoia or a drop of dew or a blazing sun or a liquid cloud morphing from a bunny rabbit to an angel to a thunderhead spewing flames… and being able to riff off those myriad experiences and forms without their templates previously existing in the world, it would melt the human mind to even begin to come up with this stuff. The earth, and nature, are the training wheels of our imagination.” – Richard Berger, Owner Masterpieces of the Earth Collection 


My photograph FORMATION is on show at the 2019 Photography Open Exhibitions at the Salmagundi Club in Manhattan New York through August 2nd. This photograph of the Fountainebleu Concretions from the Masterpieces of the Earth Collection will reside in the private collection of owner Richard Berger after its presentation at Salmagundi.

The world needs positive images of the Earth right now. Reminders of the beauty that is all around us, and the hope that comes with it.

Chosen from 400+ submissions the photographs in the Open represent the talent of both famous well known photographers, as well as those up and coming in their craft.

Read more about Hillary’s adventures with The Masterpieces of the Earth Collection

Royal Society of American Art Summer Invitational Exhibit Ruin at The Royal


On view July 12th – August 23rd by appointment only

Artists Exhibiting in RUIN at The Royal Friday July 12th, 2019:
Paul Brainard | Ryan Frank | Sarah Fuhrman | Jude Griebel | Jen Hitchings | Caitlin McCormack | Seren Morey | Miller Opie | Taisiya Naumovich | Laini Nemett | Anna Ortiz | Hillary Raimo | Lauren Silberman | Keith Sirchio | Jeanne Tremel | Virginia Wagner


Hillary Raimo Plaxall Gallery NYC Welcome to the Multiverse


Welcome to the Multiverse 
Curated by Janet Rutkowski
June 19th – July 21st Plaxall Gallery Queens, New York

In collaboration with the Plaxall Gallery & Long Island City Artists (LiC-A) in Long Island City, NY, LiC-A member Janet Rutkowski presents Welcome to the Multiverse,
a fine art exhibition exploring the illusion of perception, parallel universes, and the surreal nature of reality viewed through the awe-inspired lens of theoretical physics. This diverse group of artists create their view of these realities through a wide range of styles and materials.

Hillary Raimo’s “Time Acceleration” has altered the medium of photography into a mesmerizing liquid of unknown origin.” – Janet Rutkowski, Curator


Greatly inspired by Quantum Physicist Tom Campbell’s My Big Theory of Everything (MBT), Hillary’s perspective on consciousness, quantum physics, creative energy, art and how that all works together has changed. She hopes to capture a telepathic moment between the observer and the creator in her work. Time Acceleration offers a multi-dimensional experience of the past, present and future co-existing simultaneously. It gives a glimpse of the eternal conflict of dark and light. It offers resolution of dualistic misconceptions, and bends the medium of photography into a tool for looking directly into the multiverses that coexist everywhere.



The Multiverse, a place where all things merge,
meaning subsides, fate fades into..
something else.
Consequential momentum bends space,
time follows.
Gravity pulls speeding lights in.
Orbs of perspective float hopeful to meet something that will penetrate
massive knowledge of the universes it has seen, come and gone.
Warp speed is not always a choice.
Creative energy is life.
So many ways to see.
I hope to capture that in this piece of work.
Time bending, shape shifting, primordial mix of dark and light.

– Hillary Raimo



2019 Photography Open Salmagundi Club
47 5th Ave, New York, NY 10003
On view lower galleries July 15th – August 2nd
Opening reception Friday July 26th 6-9pm

Salmagundi Club 2019 Photography Open July 15th – August 2nd NYC

Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 4.30.53 PM
“Formation” has been accepted into the 2019 Photography Open at the Salmagundi Club in NYC. The show will run July 15th – August 2nd with a reception Friday July 26th 6-9pm.

“Formation” was recently on exhibit at the 41st Photography Regional at Collar Works Gallery in Troy, NY.  The work was 1 of 15 pieces chosen for the regional. Guest curated by Kathleen Vance and Daniel Aycock directors of Front Room Gallery in NYC, the exhibit received rave reviews in the Albany Times Union and the Hudson Valley 360.

The photograph is a section of a Fontainebleau Concretion. These stunning pieces of ancient crystalline sand, water and alchemical forces of nature are some of the worlds most fascinating natural formations.

In 1988, the greatest find of Fontainebleau concretions in the last 350 years was unearthed and Richard Berger was so taken by their exotic beauty, that he contracted to acquire and represent the entire discovery.  Fontainebleau concretions from his Masterpieces Of The Earth Collection are now part of the permanent collections of The Smithsonian Institution (where a giant concretion resides immediately adjacent to the Hope Diamond), The Houston Museum of Natural Sciences, The Burke Museum Of Natural History And Culture,  and The Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History, as well as being a prominent part of a number of fine private art and mineral collections around the world. Read more about Hillary’s work with The Masterpieces of the Earth Collection here.