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(Originally recorded September 2011 on The Hillary Raimo Show hosted by Achieve Radio)


Hillary Raimo:  Robert Bauval is founder of pioneering research linking the pyramids on Giza with the star constellation Orions Belt, as described in his international best seller, The Orion Mystery. His more recent books include The Egypt Code, Black Genesis, and one of my favorites, The Master Game: Unmasking the Secret Rulers of the World. He writes approximately 636 pages, co-authored with Graham Hancock, tracing the steps of the new world order.

Tonight, Robert will be sharing some pertinent information that aligns the 9/11 memorial site, the war on terror, and where we are now with the Arab Spring revolutions, and the Wall Street revolts.

Welcome, Robert.

Robert Bauval:  Hi, Hillary. How are you?

Hillary Raimo:  I’m well thank you.

Robert Bauval:  I must say that it’s very appropriate to have the interview because I’m actually in Washington at the moment. Much of The Master Game, as you know, deals with the city of Washington D.C.

Hillary Raimo:  You’re doing a book tour now here in the states. You were in Atlanta. You’re in Washington D.C. now and you’ll be in New York soon. You are in Washington D.C. to see some of the sites that you’ve written about in this book, correct?

Robert Bauval:  Correct. I’ve been in Washington D.C. several times before. Like I was saying, it’s been an interesting and very propitious moment, because several things have happened, more or less, in this week, which deals very much with the topics that I’ll be talking about in a minute. One of them of course is the Palestinian application for recognition at the UN, that took place last week. The other is I’ve been having a lot of fun observing the people repairing the Washington Monument, as you probably know.

Hillary Raimo:  Yes, it was cracked in a recent earthquake.

Robert Bauval:  It was. They’ve had a team right at the top and I’ve been in town, yesterday, watching them with a lot of people down there. It’s quite an amazing thing. That’s the other. The third of course is that I’m here.

Hillary Raimo:  Quite symbolic indeed. What made you decide to write The Master Game?

Robert Bauval:  Well, let me give you the background of this book. I should very quickly say that The Master Game, which is the book that’s come out last week, is in fact a update and rewrite of another book, which I’ve written with Graham Hancock, called Talisman, which was published in 2004. Talisman and consequently The Master Game, has a history that goes down to about 15 years ago. When I wrote with Graham Hancock, The Message of the Sphinx, my second book, I had proposed to our publishers to write a book on the influence of Egyptian symbolism on the Western world. That’s the seed of this book, and invited Graham to write it with me. We’re talking about 1993 approximately. When we started researching this topic, mainly we were tracking two traditions that have come out of Egypt.

We decided to track down two traditions that emerge from Egypt. One of them is the well-known Hermetic tradition, which concerns the famous books of Hermes or thoughts, that were rediscovered in Italy in the Renaissance periods in the 15th Century. Many believe it kickstarted the Renaissance, the Enlightenment, and the Industrial Age. We wanted to track this and see the influence of this tradition across the Western world, mainly because we were aware of a variety of Egyptian symbols, obelisks, and pyramids, and all sorts of odd monuments in various capitals of the world. We wanted to understand what they were doing there and if they had any deep significance.

The other tradition is the Gnostic tradition, which is in a sense the Hermetic tradition. I should explain that the Hermetic tradition is none other than the ancient Egyptian religion or cult, which was metamorphosed or converted or changed by the Greeks into a kind of philosophy. It’s rather a bit complex to explain. I won’t go into too much detail now.

As we said at the beginning, the book is a massive book of 630 pages or so. In great detail, we literally sort of slink through the 2,000 years of civilization, starting with the events of Alexander the Great, and leading all the way to 9/11. You can imagine the huge historical investigation we did. We actually call it, by the way, this kind of investigation, we call it archeological history. We dig below the veneer of history, below the textbooks, and we try and get to the very heart of certain events, like the Renaissance, and the French Revolution, the American War of Independence, the founding fathers, all leading to this crescendo that we’re all experiencing at the moment.

Now, having said this, The Master Game came about a year and a half ago, when we realized that much of the research that we did for Talisman was in fact bringing us to this rather drastic and awful event, which is now in the psyche of just about everybody in the world, the 9/11 event, and what follows, the aftermath of 9/11. Reaching this point now, where there’s a whole confusion and nobody seems to understand what all this is about. We set, when I say we, I’m talking about Hancock and myself, we set ourselves the task of trying to use the material of Talisman, our previous book, in order to clarify this situation that is going on now, which is basically this clash of civilizations, this war on terror, and this situation with Al Qaeda. Everybody seems to be confused about this.

Ask me the next question, but I would like to start at a specific point. I’m ready to go, depending on your next question.

Hillary Raimo:  In The Master Game, you talk a lot about the Masonic symbols that are in these city plans. Is this a conspiracy?

Robert Bauval:  Now okay, listen, listen. You mentioned the key word, conspiracy. What I’m about to talk now, by the way I should tell you, I’ve given a talk in England last week and so my answer will be very much muddled on this idea of conspiracy. There’s been a lot of talk about what 9/11 is all about. Today, for example, there’s been astounding news on Fox, but I tend to be very skeptical about Fox News. Nonetheless, where apparently Al Qaeda has sent a message to the President of Iran, of all people, telling him to stop accusing the United States of having been responsible for 9/11, because they’re getting pissed off. It’s they, Al Qaeda, who have done this, they claim. Here again, is another turn of events that will confuse things more.

Let me start where it should start. As you know Hillary, I’ve lived half my life in the Middle East. In terms of years, probably your whole life in terms of years. I’m 64 years old, so I’ve spent about nearly 35 years in the Middle East, mostly in Egypt. I’ve lived in Saudi Arabia for many years, and I’ve spent time in Sudan. I’ve even worked in Iran. I know the Middle East very well.

Let me tell you this, the conspiracy is really very much something, a psychosis, whether true or not, that has affected most people in the Middle East. They believe, and it’s not just the fundamentalists, it’s nearly everybody you talk to in the villages, they believe, Arabs believe that there is a Zionist, Masonic, American conspiracy to take over the Middle East. It may sound strange, but the belief is very fervent.

Having said this, we should come down to the year 1998, because 1998 is a crucial year. I think a lot of people missed the point. On the 23rd of February, 1998, in a newspaper called El [Kutz 00:14:56] which is published in London, El Kutz means Jerusalem in Arabic, there was a full page announcement by an organization calling itself Al Qaeda. It’s a declaration of war. You can find this on the internet. I’m usually very surprised and amazed really that although this has been going on for the last 10 years or so, in fact 12 years, many people haven’t bothered to look at this declaration. There is a translation of it on the internet. I very much recommend you read it, to have a look. This is an actual declaration of war by Al Qaeda against what they call the Crusaders. Very clearly in their mind, these Crusaders is the United States and Israel. It’s very bizarre because they speak of these Crusaders as if it’s an ongoing situation, starting with the ancient Crusades that took place in the Middle Ages. One needs to understand this, because if you don’t understand why they believe that there is a Crusade going on, we’re all missing the point of what Al Qaeda is trying to do.

Now, Graham and I have set ourselves the task to try and understand why there is this belief. Why do the Arabs, in particular Al Qaeda, think that there is some sort of Crusade going on against them? That their declaration of war is, in a sense, a Holy War against these American quote/unquote Crusaders. In order to understand this, one must go to the original Crusades, and understand what really happened and why Al Qaeda today, and the rest of the Arab world, has centered its aim, its target against the United States. The original Crusades have nothing to do with the United States. I mean the United States didn’t even exist in the Middle Ages. The big question is why now the United States? I’d like to tell you that.

Hillary Raimo:  Please do tell.

Robert Bauval:  Yeah, okay. Well, having set the scene, one must go to the original story. Now, I need to be very clear on this matter, because I presume many of your readers in the United States, your readers, your listeners in the United States are probably from the Jewish faith, in New York certainly. I want to make clear there is a big, big difference when one speaks of the Jewish people, when one speaks of Israel, and one speaks of the Zionists. Unfortunately, there is a confusion. There’s a confusion in the mind of a lot of people and they tend to make these tags. The Zionists have nothing to do with the Jewish people, other than being an organization that kickstarted the state of Israel. Let me be clear on this. I want to be very clear, I know it sounds like a cliché, but I’m definitely not anti-Semitic in any way. I’m not anti anything. Having said this, I would like to make sure that nobody misunderstands what I’m about to expose here, because some feathers will be ruffled. Then that’s what most of my books do anyway.

We need to go to the biblical times. We need, in fact, to go to 1,000 BC. This is where the story starts. The story starts with the supposed, now I say supposed because I’m a historian and I’ve been involved with archeology. The supposed formation of the Kingdom of Israel, or rather the Kingdom of David in 1,000 BC. Let’s just assume that historically all this is correct and so forth. Now, as you may or may not know, there is a lot of doubt about this. Even Israeli archeologists are confused, because no hard evidence has come to light, to this day, about this Kingdom of David and what follows, but let’s assume it did happen. There was a Kingdom of David in 1,000 BC. What follows is 50 years later, King Solomon builds the first temple on Mount Mariah or Mount Zion or the Temple Mount, as most people know it. Then about 400 years later, the Solomon Temple is destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar and most people know this biblical history. About 100 years later, the second temple is rebuilt.

We’re going to go very quickly on this history, because I will bring it to contemporary times. The Romans come eventually in the 1st Century BC, they take control of Palestine and Jerusalem, and place Herod as King of the Jews. The Herodian Temple is built, but again destroyed, the second Temple, which stands on Temple Mount is destroyed by the Romans in 70 AD and that’s it. That’s it. That’s the end of the great Solomonic Temples. What’s left is still there for us to see, the Wailing Wall.

Now, I’m going to jump to the 7th Century AD. The Romans, by that time, have weakened into another weak state in Byzantium. Jerusalem falls in the hands of a Muslim army led by Khalifa Umar, and they take Jerusalem. This takes place in about 642 or 643 BC, AD, sorry. Again, check it in the book. Jerusalem now is in Muslim hands from the 7th Century. On Temple Mount, they build two of their most sacred shrines. You still there Hillary?

Hillary Raimo:  Yes.

Robert Bauval:   Yes, yes, yes. Let me get to the point here. The two most important shrines, other than the shrine in the City of Mecca in Saudi Arabia, are built on Temple Mount. One is the famous Dome on the Rock and the other is the Al-Aqsa Mosque. They’re still there, they’re still there. Here starts a problem. Meanwhile, of course, after the collapse of the Solomonic Temple under the Romans in 70 AD, emerges the Christianity, the events of the Gospels. In Jerusalem, are some of the most holy places of Christiandom. That is the problem.

The problem is we have three major religions, all stemming by the way from the same source, from the Abrahamic source, from the Old Testament, if you like, who claim Jerusalem as their holy city. Particularly the Muslims and the Jews, who see the Temple Mount as the epicenter of their faith. Now, why do the Muslims see Jerusalem and Temple Mount with such importance? It’s not simply because they built their two shrines, the Dome on the Rock and Al-Aqsa Mosque. It’s because in the Koran, it is said that Muhammad the Prophet took a journey from Mecca on a magical horse to Jerusalem, where he landed on Temple Mount, and from there ascended to Heaven. There to consult the prophets and to consult God. In Heaven, the Koran says he meets all the previous prophets, Moses and Jesus, John the Baptist, and also talks to God. When he returns, he has the doctrines and the mandates to declare Islam as the final religion of the world. This is why Jerusalem and Temple Mount, more specifically, has the significance to the Muslims.

Now we have to go to Al Qaeda, and Al Qaeda declaration of war in 1998. Not only they declare war against these Crusaders, Americans, but the purpose of this war is to liberate the holy site of Jerusalem, which are now in the hands of the Israelis. You’ve got to understand this. This is what this war is about. It’s not about oil. It’s not about democracy. It’s not about anything else. As far as Al Qaeda, it is about a Crusade to liberate the holy sites. Americans need to come to terms with this, because this is what they are up against. If it’s not understood and if it’s not defused, we’re heading towards some serious trouble.

Now, I have to move to another part of history. For a long time the Christian world, after the capture of Jerusalem by the Muslims, fought to regain Jerusalem through the various Crusades that went on for nearly 500 years. The First Crusade in the 11th Century was what I term the first 9/11, but the other way around. Christiandom with their knights and the Knight Templars and the Knights of St. John, attacked Jerusalem, which was now in the hands of the Muslims. There were Christians still living in the city. There were Jews living in the city, and of course Muslims. They massacred ever single individual in this city. A horrible, horrible genocide took place. This is rooted deeply in the memory of the Arabs, this terrible, terrible … Again, after the capture of Jerusalem by the Christians, it falls in the hands again of the Muslims, with the famous Battle of Saladin, Saladin, who conquers the Holy Land. Jerusalem and the Holy Land becomes part of the Muslim Empire, as from the 12th century onwards, to this modern day. In fact, when I say modern day, til 1948.

The Christians give up. They abandon the hunt, their desire to recapture Jerusalem. Everything is nice and quiet until modern times, but then something happens. Something happens that revives the whole problem all over again.

We’re getting to the real core of the problem here. We’re now jumping to the beginning of the 20th Century. The 20th Century begins with a problem, and that problem is the manifestation of a document that emerges from Russia. It’s supposed to be a hoax, which it might be by the way. A few days ago I was at the Holocaust Museum in Washington, and they actually talk about this. I’ve seen the movie that they show there. They actually talk about this document, which is known as the Protocol of the Elders of Zion. It is a document that has proved to be a fake. Unfortunately, it is taken very, very seriously by the Arab world. This document, which emerges in 1905, purports to expose a huge plot by the Jews and the Freemasons to take over the Arab world through the banking systems and through finances.

Although, like I said, this document was shown to be a fake, unfortunately it is not seen as a fake by the Arab world. In fact, it is circulated even know in many Arab countries. Egypt did a 10 part television series on this Protocol of Zion, not long ago. In Saudi Arabia, they even distribute it in schools. We’ve got to be aware of this. This is the beginning of the psychosis that there is some kind of Jewish/Freemason plot to take over the Middle East. Now, what follows is …

Hillary Raimo:  Is there a plan to take over the financial world?

Robert Bauval:  Let me get to the point. What The Master Game finally brings you to a point is what seems at first to be a conspiracy, when you read The Master Game you end up thinking, “Perhaps it isn’t a conspiracy. Perhaps it’s true, because the evidence is stacking in favor of it being true.” Let me just carry on because what starts with this Protocol of Zion even takes even a different shape that convinces the Arabs that this plot, this conspiracy is actually true.

Now we jump to the First World War, or rather towards the end of the First World War, when the Zionist … I should say this, between the Protocol of Zion and the events of the First World War, is formed the Zionist Organization. It is founded by a fellow called Theodore Hertz, who founds this organization in 1897, if I’m not mistaken. By the time of the end of the First World War, it has become a rather powerful organization with its headquarters in England, headed by the famous banker Baron Rothschild.

Now the Baron Rothschild, among other Jewish bankers, were actually funding the British war efforts. Most of the money of the British war efforts came from these big Jewish bankers. Now, here is a moment in history. After the First World War, the Allies, which mainly involved England, the French, and the Italians, but England was the superpower at the time, decides to divide the conquered world, which is mainly North Africa and [inaudible 00:32:56] which was in the hands of the Ottoman Empire, which has collapsed. They were the allies of the Germans. England takes the land of Palestine in a mandate, as they call it. In other words, they become the rulers, the owners of Palestine. It’s in the hands of the British and now the Zionist Organization sees its opportunity.

Through an approach by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Lord Balfour, who approaches the King of England, and obtains from him the famous declaration known as the Balfour Declaration. Let me get the dates right. It is actually on the 2nd of February, 1917, where Lord Balfour writes a letter to Baron Rothschild, the head of the Zionist Organization in England, and announces that the King of England has favorably looked and agreed to the formation of a Jewish state in Palestine. That’s the beginning of a problem. What follows immediately was that this Declaration, this Balfour Declaration is taken very seriously of course, by the Zionist Organization. The Jews are in diaspora around the world. They’ve been persecuted in many places, in Russia, in Germany to follow of course, later on in the Second World War.

Here is an opportunity, because the British, who are in control and they’re the superpower, they’re in control of Palestine, agrees to hand over, in a sense give as a gift to the Zionist Organization the land of Palestine, and starts a big immigration towards Palestine by the Jews. They come from all over the place. They come from Russia, they come from Germany, they come from Poland, they come from the States. They start populating Palestine, to the horror of the Arabs who live there, as you can imagine. One has to be realistic about this. There are these Arabs that reside in this land for the last 1,500 years, and they see this mass of immigrants coming over, rather sophisticated people from various parts of the European continent and from the States. They start taking over. One really has to understand the problem from both sides.

I do appreciate the problem of the Jewish people. There was a diaspora around the world. There was this dream to reestablish the state of Israel, but one has to understand the problem from the other side as well.

Hillary Raimo:  Robert you lived and worked in the Middle East for a great portion of your life. Your perspective is unique. For those who have never traveled to the Middle East, is it easy for them to believe the propaganda spread by other countries?

Robert Bauval:  Wars throughout history have been about ideas. Oddly enough, they’ve never been very, very clear as to what the real purpose is. Now, we have a situation where no one is clear, no one is clear. There is a whole confusion. Let me finish my story because I was going to bring it to 9/11 here, because this is where it all finally ends.

We’re now going to jump to 1948. We’re now in 1948 and nothing has happened in Palestine. The British are still holding their mandate and there’s been now a huge import of immigration from various parts of the Jewish diaspora, and the trouble starts. The British are fed up of being in the middle. There is almost a civil war starting. The Arabs are shooting at the Jews, the Jews are shooting at the Arabs, and the British are in the middle. The crunch comes when the terrorist organization of the Irgun, the Jewish organization blows up the King David Hotel, where the British have their headquarters. A lot of people are killed, and this finally sends a signal to the British, they do not want to be responsible for Palestine anymore. They turn now to the newly formed United Nations. They say, “Well listen, this is your problem. Take the problem. We relinquish our mandate,” and they give dates. They say on the 14th of May, 1948, they’re out.

Here is now the huge, huge opportunity by the Zionist Organization. Now we’re talking about individuals, with Ben Gurion, Golda Meir, who are now in Palestine. They form a provisional government, a provisional Jewish government, an Israeli government. They declare that they will announce an independent state when the British move at midnight on the 14th of May, 1948. Everything, everything depends on the support of the United States. Without the support of the United States, who are now the superpower after the Second World War, this cannot happen.

This is where we have to get to understand what happened on that day, that famous day of the 14th of May, 1948. It’s a crucial time. Remember that Al Qaeda announces declaration of war in 1998, exactly, exactly 50 years later, on the jubilee of what happened on that date. This is what is emerging from The Master Game. It’s very, very important everybody understands this. On the 14th of May at midnight, the British literally move out. The British commission, they board the ship, and off they go. At that precise moment, Ben Gurion is about to read the Declaration of Independence of the State of Israel, referring back to the Davidic Kingdom and the Solomonic Kingdom and so forth. He needs to know whether the American President is going to support this. He needs to be sure. Without that support, that state of Israel would be literally obliterated at its infancy. What has obviously happened is once this announcement has been made, five Arab states, including Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, and Iraq form a coalition and say if this declaration is made by the Zionist Organization, they will attack Israel. They will attack and kill this nation at its birth. This is where the whole thing stood.

Now, here is the problem and here is this Masonic/Zionist cum American supposedly conspiracy. The problem is that the President of the United States at the time is President Harry Truman. Harry Truman happens to be a 32nd degree Scottish right Freemason. The highest grade you can obtain in Freemasonry. He happens also to be the 32nd President of the United States. There is a huge lobbying going on with the Zionist Organization in Washington. They are now based in Washington, because now this is where the whole power of the world resides. They’re headed by Weizmann, who will become the First President of Israel, and they lobby heavily. Now, here it is. When Ben Gurion in Jerusalem, in Tel Aviv, sorry, announces and reads the Declaration of Independence, exactly 11 minutes, 11 minutes later, President Harry Truman, without consulting Congress, without the approval of the United Nations, indeed without the consent of the Secretary of State, George Marshall, who is totally opposed to that situation. He knows that there will be war. President Harry Truman writes a short note saying that the United States government approves and accepts and condones this newly formed state, and that’s it. He personally makes the decision.

This is why the Arab world are convinced, not just with the Protocol of Zion, which we were talking earlier on, but now they see a Masonic highest degree President of United States, being lobbied by the Jewish organization, the Zionist Organization, and making the decision himself to create the state of Israel. No wonder they believe that this is a plot. Now whether true or not, this is what they believe. The danger now, it’s no more Crusades with horses and [inaudible 00:43:09] and swords, this is heading towards an Armageddon because we’ve got Iran on the one hand, rushing towards nuclear weaponry, and we have Israel on the other hand, already armed with nuclear weaponry. God forbid if this game goes on. It’s going on to recapture, re-liberate this real estate, which we call the Temple Mount. It’s got to stop. It’s got to stop. We’re all being sucked in this mad game that’s been going on since the Crusades. Really it has to stop.

This is what The Master Game is all about. We need to understand what this battle is about, why Al Qaeda is still seeing America as a crusading power, and where all this is heading. Do you see it Hillary?

Hillary Raimo:  I see your point Robert, yes.

Robert Bauval:  I’ve laid it down here. Coming to 9/11, coming to 9/11, because I am convinced, I have no doubt in my mind, I know a lot of people are not going to like this, but I am utterly convinced that 9/11 is purely and solely the Al Qaeda who masterminded this attack. There is something to understand here, because of what I’ve just said, this psychosis, this belief that there is a Masonic cum Zionist cum American plot to take over the Middle East. More particularly, because one has to bear in mind that while Harry Truman made that decision, in the mind of the Arab it wasn’t just an American President making that decision, it was a very senior Freemason making that decision. The Arabs know as well as everybody else knows, that one of the objectives of the Masonic movement is the rebuilding of Solomon’s Temple, so there you are.

Hillary Raimo:  What about the new 9/11 Memorial, what does that represent in all of this?

Robert Bauval:  Well, let me get to 9/11 itself. The targets that were chosen by Al Qaeda are rather conspicuous. I don’t need to repeat them, they blew up the Two Towers of the World Trade Center, and they attacked the Pentagon. There was a fourth flight, we’re not quite sure what target it had. I’m beginning to wonder if it was in fact the Scottish Right headquarters in Washington.

Let me tell you why. If you tell a Freemason, any Freemason, and you say, “Two towers,” or, “Two columns and the Pentagon,” what flashes in his mind is the Temple of Solomon. The reason is, is that the rituals, the initiation rituals of Freemasonry, one of the most important ones was known as the raising of the master, is performed on a strafing board, it’s a sort of prayer rug if you like. On it is drawn symbolically the Temple of Solomon. It’s represented by two columns and a pentagon. The choice of Al Qaeda choosing those targets immediately, to people who know symbolism and know Masonic symbolism in particular, rings the Temple of Solomon. It’s as if they’re attacking the American Temple of Solomon. It’s kind of weird, but that’s how it comes through.

The game is entirely symbolic here. The battle is symbolic. Ultimately, they’re fighting over a symbol. The symbol is a rock on Temple Mount. That’s what it’s about. It’s a huge talisman that has haunted the Western world and now the modern world, in an incredible way. You were asking about the Memorial, sorry Hillary, the Memorial you were talking about in New York.

Hillary Raimo:  Yes.

Robert Bauval:  That’s another weird one. I haven’t gone very much into that, but certainly the tower that they will raise has, let me get this right, 1,776 feet, is that right?

It’s very eerie, it’s very eerie because we’re beginning to sense, and that’s what The Master Game does, that is why it is such a big book because one needs to go through it very, very carefully and very slowly, because it’s a very complex problem that needs to be understood, and needs to be understood by everybody. We’re caught in a game here. There’s a game that’s been being played for the last millennium and a half. It’s taking a rather dangerous shape. It’s heading towards, if not stopped, that’s why The Master Game is, in a sense, an alarm bell, to somehow see if it can be stopped. It’s heading towards a very, very dangerous showdown.

9/11 is a kind of turning point here, where the game takes a very, very, very dangerous turn. Where an organization calling itself Al Qaeda declares a Holy War in the name of Islam, and takes an action to provoke these Crusaders, the people they perceive as Crusaders, into a world battle. That is what 9/11 is about. They’re sending these eerie signals, these eerie messages that are very frightening, very frightening. They think in symbolic terms, that this is what it’s about, their minds. It’s quite possible that the other side, the other players, the other players are thinking the same. It is something that we’re caught in and we need to wake up because we’re all very complacent about this. We’re all letting the game take place without us being involved.

Strangely enough, as you’re mentioning the events on Wall Street, suddenly the people are waking up. They realize they’ve been manipulated, they’ve been part of some bizarre game involving huge funds, involving huge military action, and they’re just on the sideline. They’re the ones suffering.

We’ve got five minutes left, and I want to tap this, this is what The Master Game is all about. It’s very difficult to do, of course, on a one hour talk on the radio. I hope that the main point has come across.

Hillary Raimo:  Thank you Robert. What about those who don’t believe Al Qaeda was responsible for 9/11? I have my doubts too.

Robert Bauval: Well, we obviously are going to agree to disagree on this one. I’m very, very convinced that this is a real attack by Al Qaeda. What is important is to understand the very roots of it If not, we’re going to make a mess out of this. I know there’s many theories, and many, many theories suggesting even that the United States itself, or some people controlling the United States government, are involved in this. I’m not on this line of thought, but I know there’s many conspiracies. Of course, maybe I’m wrong. My research and my research with Graham Hancock leads us to the conclusions we arrive in The Master Game.

There we are. We disagree on one thing Hillary.

Hillary Raimo:  Just one?

Robert Bauval:  We’ll find other things I’m sure.

Hillary Raimo:  Thank you for being here. The Master Game by Robert Bauval and Graham Hancock, Any speaking engagements while you’re in Washington or New York that you would like our listeners to know about?

Robert Bauval:  Yes, I’m speaking tomorrow in Washington. Unfortunately I don’t have the details here, but I’ll be talking, perhaps more interesting for your listeners in New York, I’ll be speaking at the Long Island University on the 9th in the evening. I’ll post the information on my website. If people want to come and hear the talk, but it’s not about The Master Game, it’s about Black Genesis, which is another very interesting book, but it’s a very different subject.

Hillary Raimo:  Thank you for being here.

Robert Bauval:  It was a pleasure, as always Hillary.


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Hillary Raimo:  Hi, everybody. Welcome to a very special two-hour show. Sometimes, you just have to do something about what you see going on in the world. You can no longer sit and just watch it happen. You have to decide the best way to offer support and lend your energy into a cause. That is exactly what has inspired me to bring you this special two-hour broadcast on the Gulf oil leak situation. Many people around the world are feeling helpless. Some remain hopeful, some indifferent, and many are very angry. There has been a mixture of emotions leaking into the minds of those following and affected by this ongoing event.

Some say what has happened has not been a natural disaster. Others say it’s a conspiracy that breaches our highest leadership, not only of this country, but others. Some suggest this is the end of times, prophesies being fulfilled. Others say getting mad or angry is the wrong thing to do, that we should only focus our prayers and love on the situation. What is the right thing to do? So many people struggle with the news feeds, the media blackouts, and constant barrage of information and disinformation that we are seeing on a daily basis. Some turn their heads and refuse to acknowledge, going about their day as usual and bury their heads in the sand.

Conspiracy theories, media blackouts, apocalyptic destruction, wipe-out of the human race, is it illusion or fact? There are so many theories circulating the world right now. Where is the hope? What do we do? How bad is this? Our intuition does not match up to the official stories we are being told. People are conflicted by what they feel and see, and what their leaders are telling them. Joining me these next two hours are an array of experts on a variety of different perspectives, all lending their time and knowledge to us here on the Hillary Raimo show, right here on

My first guest joining me is Dr. Riki Ott. She is a community activist, a former commercial salmon fisherma’am, and has a degree in Marine Toxology with a specialty in oil pollution. She experienced, firsthand, the devastating effects of the Exxon Valdez oil spill and chose to do something about it. She is the author of Sound Truth and Corporate Myth: The Legacy of the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill, and Not One Drop promises Betrayal and Courage in the Wake of the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill. She’s also the founder of three nonprofit organizations that deal with lingering harm from manmade environmental disasters. Dr. Ott will be informing us of firsthand observation of a possible coverup by BP. Her recent appearance on a variety of news programs have sparked controversy and interest in underlying agendas in the Gulf. Welcome, Dr. Ott thank you so much for joining us.

Dr. Riki Ott:  Thank you for inviting me.

Hillary Raimo:  What is the reality of this situation that we’re facing in the Gulf?

Dr. Riki Ott:  Just like Exxon Valdez, there’s two versions of reality, and one version is control by BP, and it’s what the public comes to see on the media, television, radio interviews, largely. Unfortunately, it also tends to be the official story.

There’s two versions of reality, one is what the people see, what’s going on in their communities, and this is not the same as what the official version is. What I’m going to talk about is the official version … I mean, the people’s version. Here we go. There, let’s try this. BP, I think it’s pretty well-known that, right from the start, BP was underestimating the amount of oil that spilled. This happened also in Exxon Valdez, and this is basically, this is about controlling the images and controlling the story of damages, of how much damage there is. The less damage that people know about, the less liability there’ll be outstanding for this giant transnational oil company to have to deal with.

Also know that, of course, BP, and actually, Exxon did the same thing, but not quite as much, pushed the media up into the air 3,000 feet, pushed the media off the beaches when the oil started coming in, and is taking an incredibly aggressive attitude with the public. I mean, these are our beaches. This is our ocean. People who are walking the beaches, and they find dead wildlife, birds, dolphins, turtles, BP workers come swooping in, or BP themselves, BP representatives, talking about, “We’ll have you arrested if you touch that carcass.” People are getting very confused. They’re saying, “Well, we don’t … Who owns this? I mean, how can BP have us arrested?” I’m actually working with different lawyers to find out, in the different states, what are people’s rights on their own beaches?

In Alaska, this was handled a lot differently. NOAA, the National Oceanic, Graphic, and Atmospheric Administration was responsible for collecting carcasses, because this wildlife is owned by us, the people. It was collected. It was put as evidence of loss. It was collected into freezer vans that were kept under lock and key. The freezer vans were maintained until October of 1991, when there was a settlement for natural resource damages under the Clean Water Act, and then, the carcasses were burned. I don’t see any of that going on down here, in terms of amassing evidence for court. I kind of am seeing the opposite.

Hillary Raimo:  In your opinion, is there a coverup happening? Are they actively trying to keep us from knowing the truth of what’s happening?

Dr. Riki Ott:  I actually have evidence to suggest that that is going on. I’ve got, actually, images of a dumpster incident fairly recently, where carcasses were being dumped into a dumpster, and that’s kind of being investigated right now, separately. We’re kind of waiting on that story, to get it further along. I mean, carcasses are not supposed to be ending up in dumpsters, they’re just not.

Hillary Raimo:  You had said in another interview, Dr. Ott, that people were actually going to the beaches at night and removing carcasses before dawn.

Dr. Riki Ott:  Yeah.

Hillary Raimo:  What’s the truth behind these disappearing carcasses?

Dr. Riki Ott:  I have talked to people in four different states now, that this personally happened to them, where they were on the beach at night. It’s cooler. You go out early in the morning. You go out at night. People said, “Oh my god, there’s a dead baby dolphin,” was one person in particular here in Alabama. Within 15 minutes, down came this white, unmarked van, carcass surrounded, people told, “Stay away,” flashlights out, carcass gone.

The turtle monitoring people, this is a program called Share the Beach. It’s done by volunteers, and the volunteers are out on the beaches every morning from May 1st into September at six o’clock. Each person has a half a mile of beach, and they walk the beach, looking for turtle tracks. There’s four or so different species of turtles that come ashore now to spawn. The idea is the monitors are out at 6:00 a.m. They walk a half a mile of beach. If they find any turtle tracks, they follow the tracks up the beach and mark out where the nest is. They flag it. They fence it, to give the eggs the biggest chance of … Then, they monitor it, and when the baby turtles hatch, they help the turtles, to get the maximum number of turtles into the ocean.

What the turtle watch team did was they made it very clear to BP that they’re going to be out at six o’clock in the morning, in the mornings, and they need to have the beaches untouched before six o’clock, so they can look for tracks. Instead, what they’re finding are raked … Basically, what that told BP was get people out there before six o’clock in the morning. So by the time the turtle people come out, the beaches are all raked very nicely, and there’s no dead anything on the beaches, but there’s also no way to see whether there’s turtle tracks or not, because the beaches are all raked.

Hillary Raimo:  You also said that the animals are being beheaded. They’re taking their heads off, because they cannot be autopsied without the head attached, correct?

Dr. Riki Ott:  They need to be intact carcasses to be autopsied. I’ve had pictures, I have pictures of people down in Mississippi who were on a beach, just happened to be walking their beach when they saw BP-paid workers raking up birds, and the birds are a little fragile, and these were oil birds. The heads were becoming detached from the bodies. There’s no way that those bodies were then going to be saved as evidence or autopsied. These animals, the wildlife needs to autopsied to prove the death, birds maybe not so much, but definitely turtles, dolphins, whales, because probably one of the primary causes of death is inhalation. This is what happened in Alaska with harbor seals, and with sea otters, even though the sea otters also got physically oiled, and these vapors just fry the brain of these animals. It’s a narcotic, and they get dizzy, and they get unconscious, and then they drown. This is what happened in Alaska, and we need evidence, we need bodies, and we need autopsies to establish a case.

Hillary Raimo:  The chemicals that are involved in this cleanup, can you explain what the side effects are on both humans and animals?

Dr. Riki Ott:  Okay. First of all, oil itself is a hazardous substance declared after it’s spilled. Obviously, there’s problems with it before it spills, too, but we’ve got hundreds of millions of gallons of oil right now, and this is a Louisiana Sweet crude, and about 40% of it, it evaporates into the air or dissolves quickly into the water column. It’s got a high proportion of light ends, what are called light ends. These volatile organic compounds, benzene, toluene, xylene, naphthalene, they cause a narcotic effect. Literally, the most toxic places to be are in the water column as the oil is dissolving, and at the air/water interface, where there’s this sort of cloud of hydrocarbons that have evaporated into the air. That’s a big problem.

If you go to look at the Material Safety Data Sheets for Louisiana Sweet crude, don’t do Weathered Sweet crude, just Louisiana Sweet crude, primary route of exposure’s inhalation and skin contact, nausea, dizziness, headaches, sore throat, alluding to unconsciousness, coma, and even death. The less severe, the headaches, the nausea, the dizziness, the sore throat, that is what people offshore and people onshore are complaining about. I think this is a problem.

Then, on top of the hazardous situation created just by the oil itself, BP’s actually managed to make a bad situation worse by adding in dispersants, and these dispersants of choice that it’s using have a human health hazard, 2-Butoxyethanol. That’s just one of the compounds of concern. The proprietary compounds, it turns out, are a lot of inorganic chemicals that are also incredibly toxic. The dispersants break up the oil into little droplets that then go down into the water column. The dispersants that are being used are about 53 to 63% effective, so you have roughly a little bit better than half of the oil, say, that’s being pushed into a subsurface state of little, tiny droplets. The dispersed oil is more toxic than the undispersed oil, and the dispersants are more toxic than the oil itself.

Now, we’ve got, coming ashore on these beaches, not only the hard asphalt sort of patties or chunks left over from the burn, but also mousse, which is oil and water mixed together and dispersant, the dissolved cloud-like forms, the plumes that are underwater, that are mixed oil and dispersant, surface sheen, and oil in the air. I mean, you can actually, when the wind is blowing right … I’ve been in two different communities now, Venice, Louisiana, and Orange Beach, Alabama, on literally what the residents are starting to call bad hair days, where you can actually taste the oil in the back of your throat. I’ve had people describe it to me as, “Oh, it smells like my daughter’s crayons when they melt in the sun,” or somebody told me, “Oh, it’s like if I go spend the weekend at the racetrack, and I come back smelling of hydraulic fluid and stuff.” It is. It’s crude oil in the air.

Hillary Raimo:  What are the probabilities of this getting into the rain cycle, where it will get into the atmosphere and then come down as precipitation elsewhere?

Dr. Riki Ott:  Huge. I mean, that’s what happens. That’s how the air clears itself of toxic chemicals, airborne … It’s sort of a false statement to say that the oil, once it gets into the air, it disappears. It doesn’t. It goes up, and it will come down as rain. The residents down here are saying, “What about the hurricane season?” It’s like, what about the hurricane season? I mean, the hurricane, like with the Prestige oil spill in Spain, it just picked the surface oil and mixed it into the air, and then it came down on people’s houses, and the sheep, and the dogs. Entire communities in Spain got sick because of this.

Hillary Raimo:  Do you think that this is responsible for the strange spotting on vegetation that has been reported in the Mississippi river bottoms, the white spots on different plants?

Dr. Riki Ott:  I don’t know about that yet, but I do know that the burning is creating, concentrating the heavy metals that are naturally occurring in oil, and there’s a signature that is coming down as rain, and it’s as far as Tennessee, I believe.

Hillary Raimo:  What is your personal opinion of the political agenda here? Is this a conspiracy?

Dr. Riki Ott: Well, the oil industry already has one big strike against it, and that is the climate crisis. We know that burning of fossil fuels is related to destabilizing our life-giving climate. I think what the oil industry is very much about here is trying not to have a second strike against it, in terms of public health risk and worker safety. We’re getting people that have classic symptoms of chemical illness from this hazardous waste oil that are being, I believe, misdiagnosed with food poisoning and heat stroke.

This would be a second huge strike against oil if people really knew that this stuff is toxic, and it’s coming out the tailpipes of our automobiles, and it’s a problem. We really do need to get off it, and I think that that’s the big thing that industry’s trying to prevent. It’s trying to prevent a bigger backlash against fossil fuel use. I think it’s time that we, as a people, look at the cost, the true cost, of our energy dependency here and add in those costs. It’s not all about benefits from oil. There’s a lot of costs, too, and I think we’re seeing that in the Gulf.

Hillary Raimo:  Some people have suggested that the oil well was drilled into the side of a natural volcano, to release pressure buildup, to protect the overall oil wellbeing and industry investments in the Gulf, claiming that if this volcano had naturally exploded, it would have destroyed all the oil industry rigs, so that this was done as a well-oiled, pun intended, operation to release the pressure, to protect the industry. The unfortunate side-effects of this decision would be the results that we’re seeing now, and would also explain the lack of government intervention, the staged press conferences, huge stock selloffs prior to this event, and the overall lack of serious cleanup efforts. I’m wondering, Dr. Ott, if you agree, or if you have any insights to this theory?

Dr. Riki Ott: I do know that, after the Exxon Valdez, there were a bunch of … There were theories that the Exxon Valdez had run intentionally aground. My commitment on March 24, 1989, was to work upstream of these spills, because wherever we drill, we seem to spill. I was really to focus my energy on shifting, a reasonable transition like in the 10 years, off of fossil fuels. I think we know enough to make this happen, and it’s a matter of political will right now.

I’m hoping we can use this event in the Gulf, for whatever reason it was caused, to say that, “You know what? This is too much.” We’ve poisoned the ocean. We’re poisoning our local communities, upturning people’s lives. There are other people on this planet besides the oil industry, and we happen to live our lives, by choice, differently, as real estate people, as commercial fisherman, as charter fisherman, as just our culture. As people said in Louisiana, “I don’t want BP’s money. I want my community.” We have to acknowledge that these people have rights to live the way they want to live, and it’s not all wrapped around oil. We need to start reigning in the oil industry as a whole, so that the rest of us can live the way we want to live, without this big threat in our backyard.

Hillary Raimo:  We have a question submitted form Debbie in Texas. She asks, “Is it true that the administration refused, and is still refusing, the help of fleets of skimmer ships from Europe and other places? If so, if those ships had been deployed in a timely fashion, would this have diminished the environmental impact by any noticeable amount?”

Dr. Riki Ott:  I think it’s a shame, at this point. This is so big. I think we should bring all tools to bear on it, and I don’t care what country owns them. I think that, in actual case, at Exxon Valdez, we had a Russian skimmer in. I think part of what’s going on here is where do you put the oil once you pick it up? I think there’s some reluctance to actually pick up this oil, because what do you do with it when you pick it up? It’s a waste that the industry then has to deal with. I mean, I really don’t know why we aren’t allowing other people to help. I mean, surely we aren’t that arrogant, as a country, and no, BP obviously does not have all the solutions. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be in this big of a mess.

What I think we have here is a lack of our political leadership, the federal government. It’s one thing to leave the spiller in charge of the response with the boom, the burning, the dispersants, that we already know 20 years ago didn’t work. Why are we doing this again? But then, it’s a whole other thing to say, the federal government, “Well, okay, BP. It doesn’t seem to be working so well, so we’re actually going to bring in …” I mean, we should be monitoring this, as a federal government, and if the spiller is failing, we don’t just go down with the ship here. We bring in other expertise. I mean, give the spiller a chance. If they blow it, bring in help, and I’m not seeing that.

Hillary Raimo:   It’s interesting that people keep calling this a spill, because a spill is coming from a definitive amount in a container holding a certain amount of oil, and this is still leaking right now as we’re talking on the air, tonight while we’re sleeping or having dinners with our family. This isn’t going away. It is coming out of the ground. This isn’t an eight-hour day job kind of thing. This is continuously happening every minute of every day while it leaks. Do you see any end in sight?

Dr. Riki Ott:  Well, I see a reservoir under the earth that is continuing to spill oil, and I don’t know how big that reservoir is. I guess we could call it a leak, but there seems to be more than one leak, as well. I guess my hope is that we have this six month ban on offshore drilling, that that sticks, and that during that six month period, not only do we find out the causes of this, but we also, as a people, insist that Congress take a hard look at the cost of our fossil fuel dependency.

I also hope that groups, while we’re waiting the six months, will take the initiative to start setting up solar industries, wind industries, so that when the six months is over, and Anadarko and the other companies want to come back … Anadarko, by the way, which went to Brazil, which does require these valves, so interesting there, so that when these companies come back, we can say, “You know what? We don’t need you anymore.” I mean, I would love to see that happen. I would love to see this disaster turned around and transformed, so people realize this is about a sovereignty issue. I’m not talking British petroleum. I’m talking who rules? Is it democracy with the people and our values, our lives, our quality of life counting more than corporate capitalism and corporate capitalism’s drive to make money at all costs? Money’s not the only thing on the planet, neither is oil, and our values, our lives need to count.

Hillary Raimo:  Yes, thank you. You can find out more information about Dr. Ott’s cause at, R-I-K-I-O-T-T dot com. Thanks so much for joining me, Dr. Ott.

Dr. Riki Ott:  You’re very welcome.

Hillary Raimo:  My next guest joining me is Peter Taylor from the UK. Peter is a science analyst and policy advisor to all levels of government, the voluntary sector, international NGOs, the EU, and the UN. In 1978, he set up and directed the Political Ecology Research Group in Oxford, pioneering critical environmental review and the service of leading scientists and lawyers in the protection of communities and biodiversity. He was involved in government reviews of ocean pollution and the UN’s system of oversight and protection, and participated in the development of the precautionary principle and moves toward clean production technology. From 2000 to 2003, he sat on the UK government’s national advisory group for the Community Renewables Initiative and has taken a longstanding interest in the environmental impact of energy-related developments.

In addition to his scientific training, Peter has a diploma in Social Anthropology from Oxford and has studied systems of thought, magic, causation, and healing among tribal peoples in Africa. He has also trained with North and South American shamans, worked within the Celtic traditions, and is a longstanding adherent of Himalayan yogic practice, where he specializes in breathing and mediation teaching for health professionals. Thank you so much for joining me, Peter. Welcome.

Peter Taylor:  Oh, thank you, Hillary.

Hillary Raimo:  How do you see this event in the Gulf of Mexico?

Peter Taylor:  How do I see it? I actually see it and feel it more from a kind of consciousness perspective than a pollution perspective, even though that’s my main background. There have been incidents in the Gulf, which have been bigger than this, which people tend to forget, the one off the coast of Mexico, which largely only impacted Mexico, and it was several times bigger than this current leak.

The environment, in a way, can cope with this sort of impact. It’s more a question of what it really means to us, because although it’s really heartening to hear people’s concern, I also spend quite a bit of time in the blogosphere, talking to essentially climate activists, is what I’ve recently spent quite a bit of time looking at climate science. I’ve been quite appalled at a lot of American conversations. There is a huge middle America that actually sees limitations on oil exploration in a very different light and doesn’t get the message, fundamentally, from this, which is that we are fowling our own nest, in that sense, beautiful coastlines and beautiful creatures.

For me, it’s not a question of how many and whether they will recover and so forth. It’s really listening to what this really means on a deeper level. We are dependent on oil, and that’s not really going to change very much. The more dependent we are, the more risks we seem willing to take, including deep water drilling. I’d like to see a moratorium on deep water drilling. We have drills off the coast of Scotland just as deep as this, and there were moves in the UK parliament to have a moratorium, which was dismissed. They just simply said, “Well, our safety procedures are in place, and we have every confidence in them.” But whether it’s due to negligence, or whether it’s a pure unlucky event, these things are going to happen. It’s the price that we pay for our dependency, really.

Hillary Raimo:   Why is there so much resistance to move into more ‘green’ energy format?

Peter Taylor:  I’m not sure that I would agree that the world is that hesitant. If you look at governments throughout the European Union and the Obama administration, they are embracing at least the need to develop renewable technologies. Nothing new in the way of technology needs to be developed. All the renewables are a lot more expensive than fossil fuels are right now. Wind, for example, is about twice as expensive, biofuels, roughly three times, solar, anything up to 10 times more expensive per unit of energy produced, so Western economies simply couldn’t cope with that sort of price increase across the board. This hasn’t really been taken on board by the green movement, really. They don’t do their sums. I helped found the green movement, so I’m not kind of critical of green philosophy, but currently, they’re not really being very realistic.

Hillary Raimo:  Do you think there’s a political agenda behind the Gulf incident?

Peter Taylor:  I don’t personally. I think it’s an accident borne of cost-cutting. From what I’ve seen, from some distance from the events, the oil companies involved … It was a general thing when I was working with the UN on pollution control, that the regulators and the industry, they’re very close. They know exactly what’s going on, and so the regulators turn a blind eye, and the companies cut costs, because they’re operating on the margin, really, in this kind of deep water drilling. It’s a bit of both, I think. Obviously, the US administration wants to blame the company. There’s been a lot of blaming, as well as … I actually think there’s quite a big effort to try and clean it up going on, but as it’s continuing to spew out, and everything’s failed, this could go on for some time. Maybe a relief drilling operation would effect place in office, but it’s not impossible that it could be simply irreparably damaged, and it could go on.

Hillary Raimo:  Some people suggest the theory that this is an underwater volcano, and this was done intentionally to release pressure from it so not to threaten the rest of the oil industry rigs in the area. Is a possibility?

Peter Taylor:  I’m not technically qualified to really have an opinion, but from an intuitive perspective, no, I wouldn’t think so. The pressures involved when volcanoes are concerned are enormous, and a tiny, little hole in the sea bed like this, I don’t think would be powerful enough to relieve any such pressures. So I think that’s just kind of not true.

Hillary Raimo:  Does it come down to greed and incompetence?

Peter Taylor:  Yeah, it is. I think it is sad. What saddens me more is that people are not getting the message. They’re really not looking at this from a … Like the earth actually speaking to us, that we have this oil spilling out and covering a really pristine and beautiful coastline. We are fowling our own nest. For a lot of people, this is the price we’re paying of the kind of civil order that they have, but actually, that civil order is very, very unstable, and it’s made more unstable by its dependency on oil, fossil fuels. You can’t simply replace fossil fuels with renewables. Renewables are a very dispersed form of energy, and it’s vastly expensive to collect all that energy together. It won’t work unless we decentralize our systems of living and reduce our demand. The economic models that we continue to embrace don’t allow for that. They’re going in the opposite direction.

Unfortunately, America, in many ways, has led the world in high consumption, and private transport systems, and the whole deal, so it’s very hard for a country like the US to adapt, much easier for a country like Holland, for example. But either way, the prospect, the future requires a huge shift in consciousness, not technology.

Hillary Raimo:  Peter, you have an impressive government background, and you have an impressive spiritual background. How do you see the world of industry and consumerism? Is there hope for a higher level of love and compassion in the business world?

Peter Taylor: I’m working on that. I’ve been having meetings recently with people in the financial world, who have been very chastened by the events of the last two or three years. Their world has completely changed. I’m finding people, though, that do care and want to make amends. We’ve had some very strong conversations, where I’ve challenged them and said, “Look, there are two billion people on this planet. 75% of them are involved in subsistence agriculture, and they are in poverty and very vulnerable to climate change, and none of the development aid, none of the investments are reaching these people.”

A tiny percentage of financial investment is what we would call ethical and sustainable. In fact, you have special funds labeled ethical investment, which means that the vast majority, 99.9% of the financial world is not ethical, and they admit that. They completely agree. They nod their heads. I said, “Well, what are we going to do about it?” They just say, “We’re trapped. We are absolutely trapped.” They don’t see a way of helping the rest of the world, and they don’t see a way of turning the investment policies around. What we’ve seen in Britain and the European Union is vast amounts of money given to the banks, and then our own industries, small businesses especially, saying, “Well, hang on. The banks are not lending it to us.” Of course not. They’re lending it to companies investing in China, and India, and Brazil, Indonesia, Russia, where there is still economic growth of 5 to 8%, whereas in most of Europe and North America, economic growth is stuttering along at half of 1% or whatever.

That’s the system, and it has created a great deal of wealth, but unfortunately, it’s also created a huge discrepancy in the world and a lot of potential instability. The question is, can that system respond to these issues, energy, the transition, peak oil and climate change, and so forth? So far, I mean, we’re still meeting, and I’m still looking at it and seeing if there’s anything that I can do, and I kind of hedge my bets, really, because when I talk to my Shamanic friends, the message is completely different. It can’t be turned around. The earth herself will intervene, whether you want to call it Gaia, or in India, it would be Kali. It’s like the mother, the creator that is our source, will intervene.

That is the message that we’re getting, and I was told this 30 years ago by a Himalayan master. So far, we’ve had a couple of little warnings, like the volcano in Iceland and then all the airplanes disappearing out of the sky. I see this as a warning, as well, that the earth and the solar system, particularly the sun, are immensely powerful. We haven’t seen much in the last 200 years of our industrial civilization.

I mean, just one event, for example, I visited the States in February to talk with climate scientists in Boulder, Colorado. It was interesting, actually, because a friend of mine, who was hosting my visit, we went up into the Rockies, and we visited a valley where his grandfather had been on some kind of Conservation Corps work program. As we went up, he showed me all the dying pine trees and said [inaudible 00:39:32] because they’re suffering from beetle infestation due to global warming. I said, “Well, that’s very interesting, because the hottest year in the US record was 1934.” As we got to the valley, there was a plaque, which showed where the camp, the conservation camp was where his grandfather was working, and lo and behold, the plaque said 1934. What that work camp was doing was cutting down infested pine trees from the beetles. On the photograph, it looked identical. Nothing much had changed. The climate comes in cycles, and I really don’t feel that humans have affected the climate that much. I think it’s overplayed very, very much.

In those conversations with the climate scientists, I have a sense that science has kind of lost the plot. It’s relying on kind of a virtual reality of computer models. It’s ignoring some very, very basic facts about … It’s not even the cosmos, actually, just our solar system. Another synchronicity was that we visited Denver’s art gallery, a Daniel Libeskind building, which I didn’t like very much, but it worked inside very well. I was particularly interested to visit all the Native American exhibits, and it was amazing. The whole floor was devoted to Native American art, and obviously, that’s mostly handicraft and the different tribal areas around the whole of the continent.

It’s really beautiful, but they had a little bit of a gallery of the artwork of the first settlers. It could have come straight out of some Scottish castle, really, oil paintings and landscapes. There was a painting of Denver, and it was basically two rivers meeting, and a buffalo, and a tree, a lot [inaudible 00:41:40]. The painting was dated 1859. That is such a synchronicity, because in 1859, there was what we call a megaflare, a solar flare. At the time, there were hardly any electrical systems, just telegraph wires, which melted down, and telegraph operators got their fingers burnt.

Now, in 2008, the National Academy of Sciences made a report to Congress … I don’t know if you’ve heard of this, probably not, on something called the Carrington Event, in 1859. Most people haven’t a clue about this. Everyone knows about global warming, which is a kind of computerized projection, a virtual reality projected into sort of 50 or 100 years’ time, and nobody knows about the Carrington Event. If that was repeated, and NASA, at the moment, is very worried that it will be, if that is repeated, it could take down the electrical grid over the whole of the United States, in fact, the Northern Hemisphere, possibly even the globe. That would be irreparable, largely because you haven’t got any machines or industry to operate, to actually carry out the repairs. The report to Congress makes very, very scary reading, because you go back to 1859, and everybody was provided, locally, with food and water. All of the pumping systems would fail, all of the transport systems would fail, and there’d be no communications. Civilization would come to a halt overnight.

Hillary Raimo:  Some people don’t realize the connection between the sun activity and the cycles of the earth. How do you see all of this spiritually?

Peter Taylor:  I agree. It’s about the shift in consciousness that’s occurred over the last 2,000 years, really. In my work, I’ve written a book, which 3/4 of it is about climate theory. It’s called Chill: A Reassessment of Global Warming Theory. In the last chapter, I make some comments about what I’ve learned over the whole computerized science world. They don’t recognize cycles. They can’t handle irregular periods. They don’t use spiral mathematics. Any of those inputs would’ve altered their worldview, and those are all elements of the feminine mind. We’re dealing with almost like an amputation of consciousness, that the feminine side of the brain has been put to sleep, and it shows in the nature of the science itself.

As for the disconnect, it goes deeper, I think, than the heart. In the work we do here, we focus very much on the dance, something we learned from Native American tradition, really, the way that Native Americans dance. They dance by bringing in the energy of the earth in through the base chakra, if you want to use yogic terminology. When a group of Native Americans dance, they are dancing in a very powerful way, because they’re already connected to the earth and their hearts, but when we started to learn to dance here, it’s a whole learning process, because A, we’re not really connected to the earth. We’re not free. We don’t know where we belong. We don’t know where our food is coming from. We don’t tend to the land. There is not just a disconnect but a fear, an insecurity. Also, in the United States, it’s a base insecurity. People are concerned about their mortgage, their home, their job, and that insecurity is fostered by the financial system and the governmental/political ideology. Keep people insecure and afraid, and they will do things they would not normally do, which is one, surrender their will.

Hillary Raimo:  Which is what’s happening. Thank you Peter.

Peter Taylor:  Well, it’s very encouraging to be able to do this across a huge divide.

Hillary Raimo:  Across the ocean.

Peter Taylor:  Yeah, yeah. Yeah.

Hillary Raimo:  Have a wonderful evening there in the UK. Up next is Gail Swanson. She’s the author of the Heart of Love: Mary Magdalene Speaks. After moving from New Jersey 13 years ago to Sarasota, Florida, Gail spent many nights and days on the sands and in the water of the magnificent Gulf of Mexico. She walked the crystal sands and bathed in the healing Gulf waters, and she feels that this magical area was the catalyst that opened her to receive a life-changing vision. She was shown her connection to Mary Magdalene and soon, a communication with Mary began. She was guided to share these messages to bring forth the power of the divine feminine, and to help to heal and balance the masculine and feminine energies of the world. She speaks today to express her love for these waters and its habitants, and to discuss the extreme importance of our spiritual connection to all the waters of the earth. She joins us now with a very special message. Welcome, Gail.

Gail Swanson:  Hi, Hillary. Thank you for having me.

Hillary Raimo:  What message do you have to share today, Gail?

Gail Swanson:  You know, it’s just interesting, listening to your other two guests, because I feel so thankful that we have Dr. Ott, who is the voice of reason, and Peter, who was just on, who is sort of straddling both worlds, which we need more of. I’m always kind of on that higher view of, as you said, moving here and being introduced to the Gulf, which I had never even seen before. I just think that there is such a deep connection, as Peter was saying, that we truly do have with the earth and the waters, and that we have forgotten. I just think about all the people, the fishermen and all of this, and this is their livelihood, and they love these waters for many reasons.

The other side of that is just loving it simply for its beauty and for the nourishment that it gives us, and the joy that we get when … I know when I’m swimming in that Gulf, and the pelicans fly close, low down over your head, the feeling that you get is just so incredible. Everybody always goes, “Ahhh.” That’s how it makes you feel, and to hear …

You know, I didn’t even want to get into all this. I mean, I watch a little bit of it every day, but I almost can’t take too much of it. I think most of us can’t. But to hear of the complete irreverence for life, even when they are no longer living, to be putting them into … I mean, it’s just inconceivable to me, and I do feel that what Peter was saying is true, that everyone has gotten so far away from the connection to the water, to all the living beings, to every form of life, to just making a buck and doing everything they have to do, and blindly just going forward, doing things that are just unthinkable. This is where we are now. I don’t know. I was going to have a more, I don’t know, sweet message, but I feel kind of …

I feel that both of your guests touched on it, and I do feel that, hopefully, I hope and pray that we all wake up and make the changes that need to be. I don’t know. I wanted to read this message for everyone.

Hillary Raimo:  Yes thank you. Let’s do that now.

Gail Swanson:  Okay. This is one of the messages I received from swimming with these beautiful creatures. Freedom dwells only in equality. Those who exist in the sea emanate a loving vibration of freedom, their purpose to imbue us with the joy and exaltation that freedom brings. Our hearts leap with joy as we bear witness to their majesty. Our souls remember what joy is found in unbridled playfulness.

There is spiritual nourishment where the sea and sky meet. There is magic where the sea and sky meet and the majestic ones play. There is hope and wisdom riding on their backs. There is honor and nobility in their eyes. There is love of family as they glide side by side, all elements of nature harmoniously existing and serving humanity.

As we move through this most crucial time, these keepers of light and knowledge call to us, sing to us, blessing us with all that they are. They are calling us home. They are awakening our hearts. They speak the language of universal love. They ride the waves of multidimensionality. They beckon us to remember, we are one heart, one world, one magnificent creation, born to remember love. They are ever so joyfully willing to commune with us, connecting our hearts to the sea, and the sky, and to each one of them. They are aiding us in ways that are beyond our comprehension at this time. They call us forth now to meditate upon the sea, the sky, the sun, and the moon, to breathe in the stars of heaven, and to merge with our ancient and wise brothers and sisters of the sea as humanity strives to restore balance on earth.

Hillary Raimo:  Gail Swanson, thank you so much for sharing those wise words of wisdom. We have to go to break.

Hi, everybody. Welcome back. I’m Hillary Raimo, and you’re listening to a very special two-hour broadcast on the Gulf oil leak situation happening as we speak. Before we went to break, we were speaking with Gail Swanson, author of the Heart of Love: Mary Magdalene Speaks, and she shared with us a very special and beautiful message that she had received from working with the energy of the Gulf, then, you read us your beautiful message. Is there any continuation of that vision that you’d like to share with us Gail?

Gail Swanson:  You know, I just feel that the whole event has to have a higher purpose, because I’ve been very fortunate to see what I call the higher view with certain events and certain times. I’m not particularly sure with this one is, it’s so enormous, but I would like to just share one thing. I think that if everyone could see something like this in their own lives, it would change everything. It’s very meaningful for this situation, also, as far as how we conduct ourselves, and how we feel about how what’s going on, and how we just conduct our own lives.

I think I mentioned to you how this is like a, as within, without. All the things that are going on in our own lives, that we are held down in this muck, is manifested in the outer. My best friend from childhood became very ill. She had cancer, and she was becoming more weak and very sick. She was an artist, and she was a beautiful, beautiful soul. It was one of those stories that you hear about all the time, but I was blessed to see it, how she just moved through this whole thing with such grace, and she never complained, and she never said she was in pain. I would speak to her every day. I was here in Florida, and she was in New Jersey. We were having all kinds of really interesting things happen, and many things happened to us in the Gulf, both of us, when she would come to visit me in between her treatments. We had this connection.

It was the first day when she was unable to walk anymore, she couldn’t get out of bed, she was told she cannot walk anymore, and I called her, and she said, “Oh, Gail. This is so terrible. I’m watching on television,” and it was Katrina. I said, “Oh, honey. Turn that off. You have so much on your mind. Don’t look at it.” She said, “I can’t help it.”

I’ve only had this happen a very few times, but my eyes were open, and I began to have a vision in front of me. I could see that there was like a golden thread almost going from her. I could see the entire family sitting on the roof in Katrina, and what I was shown was that the grace with which she was not able to get out of the bed, but so accepting and loving towards everyone was literally, literally sustaining these people. I’m telling you that every time I tell this, I still get the chills. I tell it every chance I can, because it changed me in such a profound way, because I could see, and I was shown that what we do in our own lives with grace, and humility, and integrity, and love changes things that we may never know and never see, but it really can change the world. If everyone were more grace-filled, I really think things would be a lot better.

Hillary Raimo:  I agree, and thank you, Gail, for sharing your beautiful message, and being a part of this today. Thank you so much for joining us.

Gail Swanson:  Thanks Hillary.

Hillary Raimo:  Next, Barbara Hand Clow has joined us. Barbara is an international Mayan elder, Cherokee record-keeper, and internationally acclaimed ceremonial teacher and author of many books, including my personal favorite, one of them, anyway, The Mayan Code: Time Acceleration and Awakening the World Mind. She will be discussing tonight the unique relationship between world events and the Mayan calendar, and of time resonation with the 102,000 year regional underworld of the Mayan calendar, and how the oil spill began at exactly the 95 hundred BC point, the time of the great cataclysm during the end of the global maritime civilization, the fall of Atlantis. Because of this relationship, Barbara claims that the oil volcano is either the beginning of a great extinction or is the trigger for the psychic processing of ourselves as a multi-traumatized species. Welcome, Barbara.

Barbara H.C.:  Hi, Hillary. How are you?

Hillary Raimo:  I’m great thank you. I’m so happy you’re here.

Barbara H.C.:  Good. I’m happy to be here, too.

Hillary Raimo:  Where do you stand on this event in the Gulf Barbara?

Barbara H.C.:  Well, that was a good summary of my own personal response to it. When the event actually happened, April 19th, 20th, 21st, I was working with time resonation factors in the calendar, and I was waiting to see what would happen at that point, because whatever would happen at that point is a trigger for us, as a species, to start processing inner trauma from the past that we have not cleared yet. Even though this situation is absolutely horrendous, and I can’t imagine anything worse that could have happened, it also is a signal that we’re coming to a point of major change in the consciousness of our species. You have to ask yourself, “Well, what kind of change could that be?”

In my case, I have a Cherokee background, and also some Mayan training in this lifetime, and I’ve had some experience in this lifetime in ceremonial work, where we’ve been in resonation with the planet. Then, of course, many, many thousands of years ago, all of us were in resonance with the planet. I think what’s happening is we’re getting kicked in the pants, in a sense, to move back into resonation with the planet, because when we’re in that state of consciousness, we’re profoundly different beings. I think that’s what’s happening to us. I think we’re being forced and moved back into the actual consciousness with the planet at this time.

Hillary Raimo:  You often talk about how people, in general, have repressed memories of the 10,500 BC event, and how it lives in our DNA. Therefore it’s in our consciousness. With so many reactive spectrums going on from people being … fear, sadness, anger, helplessness, hope, trying to cope is this a catalyst, actually, to move us through these things?

Barbara H.C.:  Well, I think it really is a catalyst for healing. Now, when I was a child, I was trained by my Cherokee grandfather, and for 17, 18 years pretty consistently, so a great deal of time in my life. He said that, like many indigenous people do, he said that until we remember our story, that we can never heal. He said that we were profoundly separated from the story of our species and the story of our journey on the planet. It seems that this event, the pain of this event, is what’s actually taking us back into the ability to recall our story.

Then, when you know your story, then you move into consciousness and resonance with the planet itself. This event, Hillary, is much, much bigger than people, at this point, realize, as far as I’m concerned. Another thing that’s in one of my books, Alchemy of Nine Dimensions, is a discussion of the abiotic oil theory. Abiotic oil theory is a theory about oil as a renewable resource that comes from Thomas Gold, who was a very famous scientist, who just died a few years ago. Thomas Gold actually proved that oil is a renewable resource, and that the tap into the oil is around five to six miles below the surface. We haven’t just tapped into a little pocket of oil.

The other theory, the theory that we grew up with about oil was that the planet was filled with all these pockets of oil that came from rotting matter from millions of years ago. It turns out, that’s not true. We haven’t just tapped into a pocket, a deposit of oil. We’ve actually tapped into the source of the planetary blood, and that’s why this is such a big deal, much, much bigger than anybody realizes at this time.

Hillary Raimo:  Do you think, Barbara, that the Gulf was an accident?

Barbara H.C.:  Yes, I do think it’s an accident. It’s an accident by corporate America. There’s another issue here.

We’re resonating with different night sixes of the different underworlds. There’s actually a whole series of them. The night six that we’re resonating with in the previous underworld, the industrial underworld, is the development of planetary control by means of corporations. This type of incident, this type of control over the planet, planetary resources itself, could only have been accomplished by corporations. From that point of view, you could almost say this is deliberate, except that none of these people really wanted it to work out this way, either. It’s kind of hard sometimes to call it an accident. I mean, how do you call something an accident when it was inevitable, that it had to happen eventually, judging by the way they were using resources?

Hillary Raimo:  What is the earth’s message for humanity as her blood spills out of this tapped deep vein?

Barbara H.C.:  I really think the earth’s message is for us to tune into the inner part of ourselves that actually resonates with the planet. If you watch people closely … It’s been really fascinating to watch people. A great number of people around me have been sick for the last two and a half, three months, including myself. I’ve had a series of health complaints that are really bizarre. If you watch yourself closely, people are even feeling this event, to the point of their own personal health. This is teaching us that we’re much more deeply connected with our home than we thought we were. We’ve gotten radically disconnected from our home itself.

Hillary Raimo:  As people find and recover these repressed memories, they’re realizing that these grand cycles aren’t separate of them.

Barbara H.C.:  Yeah, that’s right.

Hillary Raimo:  This event isn’t separate from us. What can people do to reconnect?

Barbara H.C.:  That’s a very, very difficult one. Imagine one of the people who’s actually directly affected by this. This is actually an issue of major public health issue, because another thing going on in this situation is not just the oil. Also, the other thing that’s being released in gigantic quantities is methane. The methane release is potentially extremely toxic for the people who live in that region. It’s actually a very, very dangerous issue. This is one of the things that there’s kind of a … You’re not supposed to really talk about this, but I’ll say what I want to say, no matter what.

Hillary Raimo:  You can say whatever you want on my show Barbara.

Barbara H.C.:  Right. The issue would be that people who are living near the shore and down in that region are actually in danger, and I think it’s significantly enough danger that I think evacuation should be looked at. I think, for instance, if you consider what China would do, I think China would be evacuating people at this point.

Hillary Raimo:  Intuitively, I feel the same thing Barbara.

Barbara H.C.:  Yeah, and I feel it’s a major public health issue. I think, for those of us who are concerned, I think we need to be connected with this and prepared to assist in this situation, because this is really, truly a gigantic disaster.

Hillary Raimo:  It’s really overwhelming. Some are sick of hearing it already, but the thing is that this isn’t a spill. This is ongoing. This hasn’t stopped yet.

Barbara H.C.:  Yeah, that’s the main thing.

Hillary Raimo:  The effects of this are ongoing. This is a 24 hour nonstop leak that’s coming into our environment on a continuous basis.

Barbara H.C.:  That’s right.

Hillary Raimo:  Barbara, tell us about this important relationship between the Mayan calendar and this event in the Gulf, and how some people are taking this event and others as prophesy fulfillments.

Barbara H.C.:  Well, you know, the way I look at that one is we’re in the middle of some major astrological cycles right now, too, and we’re in the middle of a series of eclipses that are actually creating kind of a gigantic lock on reality. We’re in the middle of a situation right now where it’s kind of like you’re stuck right where you are. The only change that you can actually effectuate is to change yourself.

As I’ve watched this situation continue as it is, I just continually look at the American government and Obama, and I keep screaming, “Why don’t you stop the war? Why don’t you stop the war?” In other words, speaking of something that people could do, it’s outrageous that the United States continues to carry on wars in the world when a situation as critical as this is going on right in the country. It’s unbelievable, really. I think another thing that all of us should be feeling right now is just a tremendously huge feeling of rage, that this country could go on like this. Eclipses, by the way, are saying, and the timing of eclipses are saying change, change, change, and yet nothing changes.

Hillary Raimo:  What do you think it’s going to take for us to really get it?

Barbara H.C.:  Well, you’d think this would, wouldn’t you, you know what I mean? At this point, I’m standing back and going, “I can’t believe that this isn’t causing massive levels of change right now.” The earth, by the way, is very much alive and very responsive, and if there isn’t some change, there’s going to be more response on the part of the earth. The eclipse cycle, June 26th and July 11th in the next couple of weeks are showing that there is going to be hurricanes, and earthquakes, and solar flares, and everything, if there isn’t some kind of level of change here. I think if people are feeling kind of a sense of rage, they should be. At this point, we have reason to be justifiably very angry.

Hillary Raimo:   I think most people have a very hard time with anger. They don’t have a good relationship with it. They can’t express it. They’re afraid of it. They don’t know how to do it in a way that is productive. They don’t know how to take anger and transform it into some kind of positive production. We’ve become very, very dysfunctional.

Barbara H.C.:  You know, and there’s just anger, and then there’s anger that’s coming from having not faced yourself. You see the difference? This one is pushing us right up against the edge of facing the consequences of what’s going on, and then the natural, healthy response is actually very just anger. I’m hoping that people will be able to motivate themselves, then, into their own part of action in this, because there are many, many things that people can do, and there are going to be many, many things developing now that are going to enable people to do things about this. We’ve got to move it, at this point.

Hillary Raimo:  What can people do, Barbara? Do they get in their car, and drive down there to help? Do they protest?

Barbara H.C.:  Yeah. I don’t think people should drive down there. I think it’s exactly opposite. They need to be driving out.

Hillary Raimo:  Away.

Barbara H.C.:  But I think there are lots of ways that people … People are kind of still stunned right now. First of all, when the whole thing happened in the first place, then supposedly BP was doing everything, and of course, they’re not. There’s a little bit of involvement, at this point, on the part of the National Guard, but you would think that you’d see more participation in the situation right from the military forces in the National Guard in the United States, in terms of response down there. But I think in terms of individual response, there needs to be fundraising. There needs to be charities and groups of people who are helping on this, because people really, really are going to need help.

Hillary Raimo:  Jesse Hicks is putting together a wonderful documentary. I was hoping that he would be able to call in tonight. It’s called Dark Horizon, a documentary about the Gulf oil disaster, and you can go to his This is a kind of example, Barbara, of what people can do.

I asked myself that question, and I said, “Okay, I have this Facebook page. I have X amount of people on here. I can post things that I’m finding in my research, but I can also make air time available, to gather a group of people who can speak on the topic and give listeners their opinions. That is how I can help. Everyone has different skills and things they bring to the table.

I encourage people who have skills, who have the ability to do things, to start doing it, because we all have something unique to offer.

Barbara H.C.:  Yeah, and so the issue for me, what is my personal part in this? Well, as you know, on my website, I’m using my website as a coaching device now, season by season, and new moon by new moon, to help people move through this. When this whole situation hit, meanwhile, astrologically, the astrology is saying that it’s time to really go into the deepest depths of our personal character. The astrology is saying that who we each are as an individual right now matters a huge amount, and that each one of us needs to go into the deepest levels of questioning about what are our values? What are we giving? What are we creating? Because this event itself is happening in order to bring out that level of commitment and awareness on our part.

That’s really what this whole thing is all about. I mean, as an individual, we can’t change what’s happening down there in a physical way, but our response to it involves the response to the consciousness of the planet, and that’s what the planet’s asking us for. It’s almost like, with the planet suffering the way she is, if we didn’t realize it, and we didn’t see it, and we didn’t feel that, then what would anything matter? How we’re responding and how we feel matters, a lot. For me, it’s actually been a matter of just staying on an even keel, physically. I can’t believe the symptoms that my body is going through, and I’m a great distance from this thing. I’m way up in Vancouver, British Columbia, but I’m just-

Hillary Raimo:  Thank you for coming on the air for this segment, to share this. Barbara’s website is

Barbara H.C.:  Okay, Hillary. Thanks for doing this show.

Hillary Raimo:  Next up is documentary filmmaker Jesse Hicks, welcome Jesse.

Jesse Hicks:  Hi, Hillary.

Hillary Raimo:   Tell us about the project that you’re working on.

Jesse Hicks:  Yeah. We’re working on a documentary about this disaster, which is obviously a huge event, and it affects millions of people in lots of facets, and it’s very complicated. Our documentary is a work in progress. We’ve been down there, and we’ve shot with some locals in Grand Isle. We got some great stuff and met some amazing people, and were encouraged to go down, so I’m actually on my way back down there on Tuesday.

We’re just going to keep at it and try to gather more footage, meet more people, and really try to shape the documentary into something that will reach a lot of people, and impact a lot of people, and hopefully … I guess what I really want to do is make the connection between what’s going on down there and the way we live, as Americans, and globally, I guess in other First World countries. Our consumption has something to do with what’s going on right now, and I think a lot of people, maybe they know that, but they don’t really feel that connection. That’s one of the goals of this film, but the film, of course, will develop as we continue to work on it.

Hillary Raimo:  What did you see down there?

Jesse Hicks:  When we were down there, we were there relatively a while ago. I guess it was about three and a half, four weeks. We saw lots of fisherman who were not fishing but were working with BP. They were all very closed off to us, because BP doesn’t want them to talk to the media or any sort of media-related people, including independent filmmakers and reporters. We saw them, and we saw oil. There was oil everywhere, and there’s oil in the water. Where we were in Grand Isle, at that point, it was before it had really come to the surface and congealed in the way that you see in a lot of the more recent news video coverage, but it was still everywhere.

Anyone who had been out in the water doing any sort of clean-up, their vessels and all their equipment was covered in oil. It was mostly, though, just at that point, the people were in shock and really worried about a way of life being destroyed and an industry being destroyed, and not really sure what was going to happen next, and I don’t think they are, still. But at that point, I think there was still mostly the shock phase.

Hillary Raimo:  Were people willing to speak to you, or did you have a hard time getting people to talk about it?

Jesse Hicks:  It was a mix. I mean, anyone who was working with BP, which was quite a large number of the people down there, they were hesitant to speak to us, and most of them didn’t want to. We had a couple fisherman who let us sort of shoot their boat and talk to them. We framed their faces out of our shots, so they spoke to us anonymously, essentially. There’s also some people that we found, who were very upset about the efforts that were being done to protect the area and to clean up the oil, so since they were sort of at odds with BP’s efforts, they were willing to speak with us.

Hillary Raimo:  Did you find frustration in regards to being able to tell the truth about what’s happening?

Jesse Hicks:  I think there was frustration in what was being put out there on a larger scale, frustration with what was being heard in the news. There’s been several videos. Ours is just a trailer, but there’s some clips that support this, but then, other longer ones, a fisherman who, I don’t know all their backstories, but for whatever reason were unafraid to speak up against BP and basically say that some stuff’s being done, but not as much as you’re made to think by the news media. I mean, this is from other sources, but that voice is definitely out there, and we perceive that, as well. That said, there’s a lot of people who are working for BP. That was our perception, but the question of how effective that work is a whole other thing to be determined.

Hillary Raimo:  Were people concerned about the health effects of what they’re experiencing down there?

Jesse Hicks:  Absolutely. I mean, for a lot of the fishermen, the only choice … The obvious choice for employment now, now that the fisheries are essentially closed down around Grand Isle, and I think something like 20% of the water in the entire Gulf and more right around Louisiana, their obvious source of employment would be to work for BP and clean up, but some people have read reports and books, probably from your first guests, also, about how the dispersants and the cleanup has detrimental health effects, so a lot of them just didn’t want to participate in that, which basically left them with few options on finding a source of income. Most people felt trapped, very understandably. Yeah. It’s a pretty crazy situation. Everyone was mobilized to clean up the spill, but if you didn’t want to do that, then you’re kind of out of luck.

Hillary Raimo:  There’s also some talk of this being an opportunity for Martial law or a military state to be put into place. Did you get the feel for that while you were down there, at all?

Jesse Hicks:  There’s definitely National Guard everywhere, which, that changes the mood in a town. I mean, this town was one that was described to us as an … I’m speaking of Grand Isle. It’s a small town. Everyone knows each other, you know? Everyone says hello. You go walking around, and you see your friends walking around, too. Then, all of a sudden, there’s Humvees everywhere, and half the people … Maybe not that many, but a huge amount of people in camp. There’s a lot of National Guards. I don’t know about Martial law taking over the town, but there’s definitely a different vibe, and of course, if someone in a Humvee comes up and wants to do something, or stop you from coming onto the beach, or whatever it is, then chances are, they’re going to have some authority, or at least be effective.

Hillary Raimo:  Jesse, thanks so much for calling in and sharing your experiences. Where can people find out more information or help fund your project?

Jesse Hicks:  Yeah. We have a Kickstarter page that, the best way to get to that, if you go to You could also find us just through Kickstarter, which is what you were saying before on the air, but that shorter URL is probably the easiest way. It’s, and yeah, you can watch the trailer, and people, if they’re interested, can contribute a little and help make sure that we can keep spending time down there and keep covering this, and come out with a wonderful project that a lot of people can relate to.

Hillary Raimo:  Good luck with your project, and Thank you.

Next, is Barbara Goodfriend. She’s an animal communicator who is joining us to share a special message from the sea animals of the Gulf of Mexico. Animal communication is an understanding spoken between species whose hearts and minds are linked through mutual love. It is a thread that weaves interaction in the wild, and it brings us deeper levels of compassion and learning in the domesticated world. It is very tangible and beneficial for both the animal and human involved. Her website is, Welcome, Barbara. Thanks for waiting.

Barbara G.: Hi, Hillary. It’s great to be on. Thank you.

Hillary Raimo:  What is the message you have for us from the animals in the Gulf?

Barbara G.:  Well, I think there are multiple messages here. One of the deepest messages that I feel is that the animals are bringing to us is really for us to go deeper and feel the connection, also, to the earth. You know, there’s a great amount of loss of life going on with the animals, a lot of pain, a lot of suffering, but also, at the same time, what’s going on is people are really feeling, they’re getting within themselves, and they’re feeling all their emotions. These are triggers for things going on in their lives, and I believe, also, that unless we straighten out our own emotional baggage and take care of what we need to do, we need to steward ourselves in order to steward the wildlife, in order to steward the planet, and to bring forth the planet and the earth for future generations, bring the solutions through, also.

What happens now is that people are able to talk about this. They’re able to go into their emotions and speak about what’s going on with the animals. I believe it’s really, really important to get into our own telepathic abilities in order to really get our own guidance to know how to move forward, find solutions, work through this in the most peaceful way that we can, and come together in a way that everyone can cooperate, that we can really feel the truth. That’s the thing. If you go inside, go really deep inside, and get in touch with your telepathic abilities, which is the way that the animals communicate, you can really see where the truth lies in all these situations, not only here but globally, also.

Hillary Raimo:  Do the animals know to migrate away from this event in the Gulf? Can we help them by telepathically giving them the thoughts and the images of moving away from this area?

Barbara G.:  Yes. I think it’s possible, although some of them, of course, they’re getting poisoned by the fumes, and the toxins, and the dispersants, and they can’t really maneuver through this. With the dispersants, they are ingesting this. Some of

them, no, they can’t get away, but others, yes, I do believe that we can speak to them and ask them to move to safer waters. Yeah. I believe that we can definitely let them know the extent of the damage, where they could go to. I’ve been trying to do this with the whales myself, although I feel like a lot of the whales are already at the bottom of the Gulf. But yes, I believe that we can do that. We can communicate with them. They’re very, very responsive.

I feel like they’re looking for our help, and as groups, they’re looking for their own survival. I think that people could get together, and there’s more power in a group, and send those messages out, and assist the animals in moving on. I’ve read accounts of flocks of birds that aren’t specific to certain areas, that seem to be showing up in different parts of the country now, so yes, there is a group mind going on, and yes, we can affect it, we can communicate with them, and we can help them in this way. Yes.

Hillary Raimo:  It’s a really positive way of handling the energies that we’re all feeling right now. Many feel very helpless with this. They don’t know what to do. Do they take it to their social networking sites? Do they take it to their local book club? Do they talk about it in the grocery store? They don’t know what to do, and so they just kind of watch the little segment on the news, and then they turn it off, and they go about their lives, and they figure it’s somebody else’s problem. Somebody else will fix it. Somebody else will stand up and get angry about it. Somebody else will make a big enough stink, and then something will happen from there. It’s not going to work this time.

Barbara G.:  No.

Hillary Raimo:  You cannot just stick your head in the sand and pretend it away.

Barbara G.:  Exactly.

Hillary Raimo:  Have people, in general, become so complacent and docile in their reactions to things in this world that they’re sleepwalking through much of their life? Many still don’t have a connection to their psychic, telepathic abilities, because they don’t believe in it.

Barbara G.:  Yeah. Well, our psychic and telepathic abilities are totally innate in us. The same thing happened to me when … April 20th, I started feeling everything that was happening with the animals. Then, I said to myself, “Well, what can I do to help them? Instead of sitting here and ripping my own hair out, and crying, and worrying, what can we do to help them?” Our innate abilities, they can create a natural response, even if you’re helping an animal pass, even just comforting the animals. They don’t know what to do. They’re caught in this oil, but they’re catalysts for all of us waking up and seeing how reckless we’ve been, and how reckless and how material we’ve been living our lives, and where we can go with this, how we can make little changes in our lives, how we can so easily feel for the animals, but do we feel for each other?

Hillary Raimo:  Right.

Barbara G.:  They are catalysts in this, and this is what’s so important, and I feel like this is their message. Get inside ourselves, to come together, to help, even praying or helping the animals pass, or asking them to move, helping the families, feeling this, but like you said, not feeling depressed. I mean, we can feel our anger. We have right to feel our anger, but it’s about where are we going to take all this? Where are we going to go with this? This will help us connect with what’s really important, connect with the earth, the heartbeat of the earth, the nourishment of the earth and everything that can be renewed, or lifted, or taken care of here. I feel it’s really, really important when people connect with the animals, because they reach inside themselves, and they can feel this, and this unlocks within them.

Hillary Raimo:  Anybody who has a pet they love dearly knows that that’s what you’re talking about. Anyone who has a special connection with any kind of animal understands what you’re saying. If somebody who may not believe in psychic abilities, or this is all a bunch of woo-woo stuff, knows that they have a special relationship with their animal. That’s undeniable.

You know what I want to ask you, Barbara, is a lot of people have been saying to me, and I mentioned this to Barbara Hand Clow earlier, many people have been telling me that their animals, their dogs especially, are getting sick now, just for no reason. Just out of the blue, they’re just getting sick. I said to somebody today, actually, I was seeing a client, and I said to her, “Well, you know, they’re taking on a lot of the energy that’s happening right now. Look at what’s going on.” I think animals have a tendency to physically manifest this quicker than humans do. Is that correct?

Barbara G.:  Yeah. I do feel they’re more connected to the earth, more naturally connected, or have a quicker response in a lot of times. I have been seeing a lot of dogs actually almost teetering, trying to decide, having big health issues come up but not passing, and sort of, “Am I staying, or am I going?” It’s been very confusing for their owners. Yeah. You know, the animals are just very … They can feel all of this. They can definitely feel all of this.

They’re affected, and not only do they take on these energies, but I found, in the last few years, that I would say five years ago, the animals really took on our illnesses and all our emotions and all this, but what I’ve been finding, across my work, is that what they’re doing now is more reflecting things back, so that we take responsibility for the things that are going on, not only in our lives, but in the world, also. All of this, they show us through the heart connection, and that’s all kinds of healing for the planet has to come from.

Hillary Raimo:  A need to be rewired back to the heart?

Barbara G.:  Absolutely.

Hillary Raimo:  Barbara, thanks so much for joining me and sharing your valuable information with us.

Barbara G.:  My pleasure.

Hillary Raimo:  Thank you. Next, joining me is Dr. Ian Prattis. He’s a professor in Ottawa, Canada. He’ll be adding to our discussion and speaking on the topics of the spin factor, consumer culpability, and spiritual guidelines and how they relate to the Gulf. He’s a poet and scholar, peace and environmental activist. He has trained with masters in Buddhist, Vedic, and Shamanic traditions, and he teaches and talks at seminars and retreats around the world. He is founder of Friends for Peace, a coalition of meditation, peace, and environmental groups that work for peace and planetary care, and also, he is the resident teacher of the Buddhist meditation community in Ottawa, Canada. Welcome, Ian. Thanks so much for waiting.

Dr. Ian Prattis:  Oh, thank you. Not a problem.

Hillary Raimo:  What perspective do you bring to the table in regards to the Gulf oil event?

Dr. Ian Prattis:  The perspective I bring is to first acknowledge that this particular crisis has also brought an enormous amount of spin from not just the corporations, where we expect it, but also from government, the media, and the general public. The underlying aspect I’d like to bring to the fore is that all sectors are culpable. As consumers, if we have a demand for oil and oil-based products, we drive the whole process. We have an artificial spin to justify our consumption patterns.

This crisis is huge. It’s bigger than most people are prepared to take into their minds, but there are other crises like this happening in the Arctic regions, the desert regions, and so on, and we have to go beyond the crisis and look at what is really at stake here? What is at stake is the human mindset, which has to change. There’s no short answer better than that one. The mindset has to change, and until it does change, we will go on destroying the ecosystem.

My most region book is called Failsafe: Saving the Earth From Ourselves. This points out how we can change our mind, that we must stop, examine our patterns of consumption, and then make a commitment to do no further harm, either to the planet or to ourselves. The solution is an internal one. It doesn’t matter what spiritual tradition one prefers, or yoga practice, or meditation practice, we have to come to a steady stop, look at what we do with our patterns of behavior, and change those patterns that cause harm. This is what I teach, that I’ve been teaching at the university and to meditation students for over 20 years, and I do see radical changes.

At my home, my response has been to give up my car, several years ago, to do a major eco retrofit on my modest home in the West end of Ottawa, and to be very careful in my consumption habits, and to be aware. If I could tell you a small anecdote, I was giving a small talk in Orlando, Florida, about environmental issues a year ago. An answer I gave to a very good question, which the question was, “Is my mindfulness enough?” This was from someone who was very aware and careful about his consumption. This was a good question. I said, “Yes, your mindfulness is enough, but are there enough of us who are mindful?” That’s crucial, because I think there’s a tipping point that we’re not too far away from, where people are changing their patterns. They are changing their minds, but is it enough? I don’t have the answer to that. I have certain speculations.

Hillary Raimo:  Which are?

Dr. Ian Prattis:  That it only takes around 2% of the world’s population to meditate on a daily basis, to produce a tipping point. It’s the hundredth monkey syndrome, whereby a quality of energy will leap from mind to mind, and we would make different kinds of decisions about what we consume, how we behave, how we interact. Those of us who are wealthy all around the world will learn how to live on less, and also live happily on less. It’ll bring about a different structure of institutions and society all from taking care of the planet, taking care of ourselves, and also taking this out as action.

There’s an awful lot of talk through the social networks of, “Okay, let’s make everything love. Let’s make everything compassion,” but where is the action? The action component of taking the changed mind into the arena of everyday life, this is the challenge that faces us. The challenge of the Gulf oil spill is enormous. It’s the most enormous challenge, I think, that the US has faced, and it’s not just the US that faces this challenge. It’s the entire world.

Hillary Raimo:  What a beautiful thought. It’s been one of my bigger frustrations, that so many have such a difficult time with the word action. Action has to be angry? Why do we need to act? It’s all divine will. It’s all this. It’s all that. It’s frustrating, because on one level, I want to see more people do it, and on another level, you’re fighting an entire mindset. You’re fighting … Not fighting. Fighting’s the wrong word, but you’re up against several, multiple mindsets… I like how you present the, each person has their own role in this.

I tell people that they’re gatekeepers of their own home, that they make the choice when they go out and they buy something to endorse it or not, to further encourage the production of that or not, regardless of where it comes from. The lack of awareness of what goes into somebody’s body with the food issues that we have, I mean, we could go on and on with examples, but the problem is this lack of awareness, this lack of conscious awareness of what we’re consuming.

Dr. Ian Prattis:  Absolutely.

Hillary Raimo:  Where do you think we went wrong? Where did it start, Ian?

Dr. Ian Prattis:  I think we left consciousness over in one space and didn’t recognize that it has to be engaged with society and with the environment in a very practical, down-to-earth manner. Eight years ago, I founded an organization called Friends for Peace, and this has grown into a coalition of over 50 groups in the city of Ottawa. This is action-oriented, in terms of actually saving pristine whitewater rivers and wetlands, actively seeing social justice occur with Aboriginal populations in Canada.

We’re very action-oriented, and the former mayor of the city of Ottawa, we have an annual event in City Hall. He said publicly, this is the face of Ottawa he would like to see. I took him to one side, and I said, “Oh, no, no, no. This is the face of Ottawa now, not future.” The future, which is very difficult to wrap our minds around, the future is now, because the actions we take now set in motion what our future structure and conditions will be like, and the actions we have to take now are selfless. We have to go beyond our wealth, our ego, our desires and our needs, and recognize that if we’re going to have a chance, as a species, to be here by the end of this century, we have to change our ways. I get so pumped … I think that is the word, from seeing what happens with the Friends of Peace organization, is that people are changing. The whole diversity of Ottawa comes together. There’s quite a lot of change in our Northern city as a result of this.

Hillary Raimo:  That reminds me of this quote, “Always aim at complete harmony of thought, and word, and deed. Always aim at purifying your thoughts and everything will be well.” I think that, as we watch the waters become the opposite of purified, and we’re going to have to go through a purification process, it’s the same thing with us, isn’t us?

Dr. Ian Prattis:   Absolutely.

Hillary Raimo:  It’s the same thing with us on another level, a different level. We’re going through a purification process of releasing our own vein of muck.

Dr. Ian Prattis:  Absolutely. The muck and the mud is essential, because if you didn’t have the mud, you couldn’t have a lotus growing. We need the mud and the muck, but we work through it. This is work. This is internal work, and there’s so many different ways of doing it, all of which are viable. That’s the beauty of what’s available to us, but when we do the internal work, and we become steady, and we become clear, that’s when we engage with the environment, with society. Without the engagement, all of this spiritual stuff is useless. The days of the yogis meditating in caves is over. This is the 21st century, and if we want to really build a different kind of society for the remainder of this century, we must change our ways.

I have a chapter in my most recent book, which is about stopping, finding the still point, changing the patterns, and it gives very, very precise methods and procedures. I see this on a weekly basis, in terms of the community I teach. I see the transformations taking place in people, and because there’s an example set of how to reduce the size of the ecological footprint that we leave, and how we engage with society, with other groups, and with the environment, with that example, people will follow suit. In a sense, all that I’m saying to you, I do my very best to actually walk that talk and put it into action. I must emphasize the word action, because without action following consciousness change we’re [inaudible 01:45:54], and we will be going down the tube.

Hillary Raimo:  Indeed. Dr. Ian Prattis, thank you so much for joining me. Your website for listeners is,

Dr. Ian Prattis:  Thank you, Hillary.

Hillary Raimo:  Where is our accountability for how we live, how we consume, how we treat each other, and whether or not we come from our heart when it comes to other people?

There is hope. The earth will recover. We will recover, but I can guarantee you, things will not be the same, thankfully. Goodnight, everybody. I’m Hillary Raimo. Goodnight.


Copyright 2017 and beyond all rights reserved. No part of this may be reprinted or shared without permission 




An Interdimensional Tarot Reading with my Grandfather by Hillary Raimo



What happens when the high priestess centers and creates a fertile creative field balanced in male female energy? queen of her own domain, self molded through trial and error she accepts her gifts, and strengthens her weaknesses. Her greatest strength is the naive way, anchored strongly in the power of the sun/son. Her love for her children breaks all the spells, lifting the veil and healing generational wounds. Genetic memories go towards the light.

With a strong stable partnership she will activate her high priestess and embrace her abilities of craft and skill, find the gateways on the land and bring harmony & balance to the waters. 

Her ability to stay balanced will determine her abundance, with the blessing of the Grandfather her life is peaceful and happy. As she practices her leadership skills her inner empress will rise and her destiny will align with the fate of the world. 


It is always somehow personal and all inter-related. I believe in synchronistic events, and how strong connections between people bring them together like gravity. Given free will, there is always a yes or a no, each changing the direction of the flow they are able to work in. Permission is essential when working together, and without it, chaos reigns. True miracles cannot be forced, or faked.

Pick and choose your inner circle carefully. Our current day culture breeds suspicion and fear. Those who have not resolved both within will create accordingly. Depending on your vision, you may not want them on your team….

Find your tribe within, and it won’t matter anyway.
Fear of others is a disease, love and kindness are the vaccines.

Every card in the reading is a positive one. They are empowering and hopeful.
I have worked with his deck for almost 20 years now. When I found the old picture taken back in the 70’s, I turned it upside down and looked closer at the cards. I took out the deck and recreated it on my table. I sat in front of it realizing it is the first time these cards have been in this exact position, decades later. I decided to leave them on the table, as I had to prepare for a road trip the next morning with my pregnant cousin, to Pennsylvania to explore a replica store circle complex of the Isle of Iona in Scotland. While driving down the next day we learned it was our grandmothers birthday, it made for powerful and insightful conversation on the drive down.

We reflected on the meaningful arrangement of coincidence the rest of the day.
The rain fell softly as we wandered through the complex, no agenda, just there to feel. Not lost, but seemingly found.

When we came to the circle gate in the woods I walked through first and stood there for a few moments. I felt my aura stretch outward into all that was alive around me. The air felt cleaner, more electricity sounded me. I carried on.


The next day I went back to the layout of the cards and noticed something trippy. The image of the circle bridge I had just seen in the woods was on the center card of my Grandfathers reading. Sure enough, as I double checked, there it was. I had not noticed or made the connection until now.



As the realization settled into me I knew I had to read the cards for my next article, but that there was also a personal moment here for me, as if my Grandfather, Les Holloway, was somehow reaching out to give me this message now. I felt the knowing that this was correct, and that I needed to pay attention. What stuck out right away was how good the energy of the cards felt when looking at them. I knew there was much to see here, and that it would take me a few days, perhaps more, to fully grasp the message of it all.




I have been going through an intense time this past year, I felt the timing of this reading was relevant. So much change and transition has occurred, and having relocated from the city to the country, being outside of the city energy has been wonderful and healing. It has made a world of difference with my meditations. I follow no particular way of meditation, I mostly just follow my gut sense these days, and it serves me well.

I have said no more then yes this past year, and the space that has freed up for myself to simmer in my own creative juices has been a gift. I have let go of those I help, and watched them fly the nest with ease and contentment off into their own lives, standing strong in their center inspired to do inspiring things. I have had the honor of knowing great love in this lifetime, many times. If I spend the rest of my days in even just the memory, it will sustain me eternally. Yet I have that, and more, as my partner stands strong in the gail winds, showing up, ready to love and thrive. Our sexual union confirming everything I have ever known, in many lifetimes, about euphoria and spirit.

Pondering my grandfathers cards, has offered the vision of the healing of the feminine wounds, the merging of the alpha and omega, the strengthening of the path towards contentment and peace. It has inspired me to share my voice, unattached to outcome, and indifferent to others. The sail stays aligned with the winds. Sending me exactly where I need to be. There is great peace in submitting to that.

I can apply his cards to myself and my own life, and to the world and the symbolic archetypes. Reading them as I have for almost 20 years, for friends and family, they show exactly what needs to be seen and understood at that moment. Anyone I have ever done a reading for can attest to that. Either way that is my belief and so therefore that is what manifests when I read them. Insight into whatever is sharing that space with me at the moment. It is where the magician in me meets the shapeshifter, and my eyes open.

As a wordsmith, it is easy for me to spin meaning between letters. But reading the cards is a different skill. It requires a similar state of mind, but not the same. At least for me it is this way. My grandfather started teaching me tarot in my early 20’s and before he died he gave me his deck. The same deck he used to give Eleanor Roosevelt readings.

I believe in consciousness and time travel. Shamans have spoken about it for eons, yet now we see the product of ignoring the indigenous wisdom all around us. I believe when we leave our physical bodies at death, we have access to everything. And we can learn to communicate through all of the dimensional fields, coordinating massive networks of light communication that spreads cosmically into something far bigger then what our human minds can imagine. I share that not to sound guru-ish, but to share my wisdom from my own life experience, which has included many miraculous and terrifying things. All fertilizer for the moments of self realization.

Being fully present in all moments, offers opportunity to do great things.

I assume humanity is evolving in their brain use. Reaching beyond that 10% we are told is all we are good for. Perhaps we always operate on 100%, yet indoctrinated in school and cultural systems that dim down human natural cognition we only use small parts of it. Reacting to what you think you are suppose to react too, like feeling unloved or screwed over. Most things that help break down that kind of brainwashing are illegal or demonized by the very system it would expose.

It is similar in feeling that moment when you know for sure someone is not your friend.

A break down of reality is in order. A realization of your connection to everything, not just what you like or think you should be doing. That every moment offers a unique happening. Any event that is being observed clearly by more then one singular view is special. Observation changes the fabric of the quantum field our brains create according to which parts we are using.

Human thought creates! Ask anyone who rides a horse about the unspoken communication that happens between horse and rider. Or two soulmates who have incarnated their true love. Or that moment your sister answered your thought question before you even opened your mouth. There are stronger and weaker versions of these things, but could they be incredible opportunities to ignite the field in an unmistakably different light?

Connection is a plugin to the higher realms.
Some connections are stronger then others. You certainly don’t feel the same feeling of love for your mailman as you do for your child, or partner. Some bonds are stronger then others, anyone who has had a loyal and loving dog or cat friend knows this to be true.

There is a reason they keep the incarnated goddesses in India secluded from the ‘real’ world. Coming out only at special times to parade through the land to feel the energy.
How do you think your neighborhood would feel to an incarnated goddess?

I wish there were as many or more women standing up for their sexual power, as there are those standing up to the misuse of it by others. Victimized sexuality creates a very different society vs. a society who embraces and honors their sexuality.

Are you the high priestess in your bedroom? Micro/Macro…

Intuition, synchronicity, self awareness, breed deeper cognition. When you meet others who have the ability to surf these quantum fields, maybe you should stick around for the conversation.

The cards display a deeper understanding of love, feminine power, and how a balance with masculine beauty is vital to the continuation of the full human potential.

These are the things I wrote down while contemplating my Grandfathers card layout over several days starting around the New Moon of November.


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Meeting Kali in the Woods by Hillary Raimo

A true psychic does not choose their visions. They see both good and bad. If a psychic is only telling you good things, get your money back. There is this strange notion I keep seeing in the new age world, that you only have good “higher” visions if you are aligned with the light. That if you do not, you simply ‘aren’t there yet’ and to go home and keep trying. It is my natural curiosity to ask why?

Yesterday I found myself at the feet of a living deity statue of Mari Amma – mother mary. An activated living statue nestled deep in the Catskill mountains. I meditated for awhile beneath her incredible form. I perceived her as Kali. The wind picked up and the chimes rang a sweet harmonizing melody across my field of perception and instantly I was transported to the white capped  mountains of Tibet. I floated there in mid air feeling the cool air on my skin. The air was so fresh I felt it instantly energize me. I could breathe easier. It was cold but I was able to adjust my body temperature to keep myself feeling comfortable. I looked around and recognized the mountains. “I’m not ready to come back yet” I felt myself back at the feet of Kali, Mari Amma – Mother Mary.

I felt clear.  Pain free. My heart felt like a well cared for drum, and I could feel the hum of the insects in the forest vibrate through me. I was there with a long time friend. I asked for a moment of privacy with Kali. I looked up into her bold white eyes and she offered me a gift. She taunted my issues in my face about being good enough to accept.
I said yes to her gift. I felt her celebration within me.

Later on that evening, as I was still feeling the effects of my day, I felt the call to open the gift. This was written on the wrapping.

Free the vision. 
Stop choosing only what you like. 
See the destruction with bold eyes. 
Your sword is your compassion. 
Know when to lay it down and smell a flower.
Without darkness seeds do not germinate.

She didn’t speak to me as if I knew nothing and needed to be schooled.
She did not look at me as if I was a child in need of teaching.
She did not see me broken.
She saw me as an equal.

Instantly slayed were the attachments to everything that was the opposite of her vision.
She recreated my form into form.

The only celebration was prayer in silent solitude. Surrounded by the forest, the air, the sound of water, and inner light.

You are no different then any other before you, nor those who will come after you.
There is no hierarchy. Only the thought of hierarchy and those who believe the thought form.

Instantly the world faded into a blank slate..

I had a dream once that changed my life. It was in Spring of 2014. I don’t even have to look it up. It was nighttime and the stars were crystal clear. I was on land in-between two tall majestic mountains. A kind of valley plateau. There was a tibetan temple there, small and humble. I walked in and found a dusty altar. I picked up some scrolls and an inch of dust landed on my small hands. This was where I lived. I wiped the scrolls clean and laid them down while I cleaned the altar. I can recall the taste of my bread.

Feeling hungry I find myself coming down the mountain. Into a busy village. Here I see two people I know well. I am disguised as a villager. They do not recognize me. I listen to what they tell me, each saying they must go off into the world to do this and that. I see the vision of their words and I know they will manifest them. I head back up the mountain to my small humble abode, shedding the villager cloths as I climb.

I have only ever told one person that dream. They didn’t think much of it. So I never told anyone else again. Kali slayed that transgression.

The message I received from that dream was trust your visions. And trust the visions of others. You may never know who you are, or who you are sharing with. I take the perspective that everyone who comes into my space is a holy being. I treat them as such. Even when they are blind to their own divinity.

My day with her was revealing, bold, spicy and soft like the whitest flower. She ended my time with her by showing me the remover of obstacles. And told me it was ok to contact her when I need her. And back into the world I went.

My dreams that night showed me something is wrong with Earths atmosphere. That if we look for signs thru nature we can see it for ourselves. It is a vision to assist in stopping it.

Hillary Raimo







How to Navigate Negative Energy by Hillary Raimo

Have you ever met someone who smiles in your face yet reeks inside of distust and negativity? Then you know that little nudge in your intuitive field that the person you are interacting with is not completely trustworthy because they are not matching their inside and outside vibes. You cannot think negative thoughts and say positive words about the same thing. This is hypocrisy. A special kind of loathing self-hate that is contagious. But some use it to hide their true pain, so they put on a happy face, and meet the world in a lie. Perhaps this is self-preservation, but it is probably more an inability to speak ones truth with clarity and grace. Because that is healing. So it highlights what we still need to heal if anything.
It reminds me of a situation when a Facebook friend reads your post and responds in their own post imagining an imaginary interaction as if everything is all about them, or perhaps it can be seen as inspiration. Fine lines divide many things. There are always other ways to see things. We see through our own filters.

Are there boundaries for telepathic consciousness?

This sensibility can also be abused. Sometimes by people who practice the healing arts to scam people of money. Praying on well intended souls looking to heal from something find their way to a healer, seeking what resonates. Well if hypocrisy is your healing, you will find your way to teachers who reek of it. And when you have healed it within yourself they will fall away from your life easily.

Know your tribe.

Would it be fair to say our world is full of healers? Everyone is a healer these days. Perhaps a product of the 60’s as suggested by best-selling author Barbara Hand Clow. Or perhaps it is just what we really are. Instruments for healing, a tool box of neat trinkets to aid and assist in the healing process for ourselves and others in strange and synchronistic ways. So when our time comes to cross over to the other side, we have done the clearing work. Because of course one can die in all their resentments and bitterness. Having been around the death space while working with Hospice for two years, and being present at my own Grandmothers death, I know how peaceful our space is at the time we shed our body, matters.

The ancient Egyptians spent their lives preparing for the afterlife.

Can modern day man make the same claim? Perhaps having to struggle in drama, facing challenges, learning to manage stress, and how we connect with others is what our experience is this time around, if you believe in reincarnation. But I can’t see why we don’t choose a more peaceful way. Conflict litters the world. Or so it seems…….. this is the image we are exposed to, and expected to believe, through our digital/inter-connected lives. Here and there a positive image is inserted just so you don’t get to depressed. Or a happy story. Or something to make us go deeper. But not too deep! because ‘too deep’ frees. No one can argue the current state of the world, because arguing is what makes it what it is.

Hateful thoughts are psychic weapons. 

You are dealing with an enlightened state. We have ascended, thank you new age or! how about the minute you stopped being an egg or a sperm. You cannot crawl back up your mothers womb and pretend you don’t exist as a powerful good being of evolutional  genius. But you can choose to disown your own empowerment by wallowing in self-pity and negativity.

Are we so distracted with superficial living that we have forgotten the point? I have to wonder at how many become selfish in ways that harm others. Or how many choose hate over love, or hypocrisy as truth. If social media offers any insight into the workings of that energy I am sure it wouldn’t take to long to find evidence that many make this choice. What we post says a lot about us, as does what we react to negatively or positively. Heart emoji orgy galore! But is that what is the reality in our offline lives? Remember this too can breed hypocrisy as a dis-ease. Practice what you post. You cannot have hate in your heart and be considered a saint. Or can you? Hate is a powerful teacher. Perhaps we should honor the lessons it teaches better.

Perfection is not the goal.

Learning to embrace your human-ness and the human-ness of others doesn’t mean you have to put up with temper tantrums, but you do have to deal with what causes the anger. And from there anger becomes an ally. Anger can be a necessary reaction to injustice, and that doesn’t include pity parties or poor me’s. That is a different kind of thing altogether and the neediness it produces is a misuse of energy. A sure sign someone has more healing to do. And instead of judging that negatively or assuming it means stay away, make it an opportunity to search the mirror it provides and grow your own roots deeper. This naturally sheds what doesn’t resonate and it isn’t a good or bad thing, it’s just a thing. Heal and move on.

Sometimes people must leave our lives.

Attachment and co-dependency are a fact of life, this life anyway, the life so far removed from ancient Egypt. But it does has its usefulness in teaching us powerful and potent lessons. It has a purpose. You will bump and fall on the same shit every time for as long as you need too. You will not move on until you get what you need out of the situation that arises. “Need” from a spiritual standpoint that is. And the only one who can tell you when that is, is you. Never let anyone put spiritual shame or guilt on you for what they think you should or should not do. This is a form of sorcery and misuse of ones energy. Advice is one thing, spiritual guilt and shame is another. A topic deserving of its own article feature.

Stay where you are and let people meet you there.

Trying to engage someone who doesn’t believe in gossip is hard for the one seeking to gossip. Have you ever found yourself in a situation where someone is trying to bait you into an interaction for devious intent? Even if only subconscious or in the form of a debate argument. Does the entanglement feel manipulated? then you are standing at a crossroads of choice, engage or not. If you take the bait, you will be lowering yourself to that persons level. Be prepared to regress. You have made a conscious choice to go backwards to behavior you have outgrown. So watch out for the consequences of that choice. Or you can say no, and walk away. Untouched by the negativity and stress.

If someone stops talking to you and gives you no reason, bless them on their way.
This detaches the ill intent of anything negative or dysfunctional. Abusers love to play that game with others. Cold shoulders in narcissist energy can create quite the wake of harm. Because it leaves someone in the dark about why. All one can do is recover and move on. While the abuser may continue and do it again and again. You can free yourself from their grips and still have a productive and happy life. Ghosting is not a very spiritually mature way of handling your business with others. But even so, the lessons one learns through that is worthy of being honored. There is however, a difference between putting a boundary up with someone because they are trying to harm you, vs just cutting someone off with no real purpose other then to hurt. The 3rd option is that people drift away for many reasons, and not every time is it about negative things. Some just don’t resonate and there is nothing you can do to change that until you do.

It’s all about growth. 
Since the minute you were conceived. 

Going through things with others is a great way to know more about yourself. Learning to be a happy successful peaceful human being is the only thing that matters, and as you approach your death, may it be a pleasant and successful journey so you may tend to more important matters on the other side. Prepare for the departure. By learning how to love, how to express, how to care, how to be kind. I have the honor of learning great lessons of self-love in my lifetime. And I wouldn’t change a thing.

Negativity is a virus of the mind. It catches us in a vulnerable state and eats us up inside. It rots love and destroys bonds. It is a wildfire meant to destroy, yet wildfires detox the land. Nothing is without a purpose. This is what I have learned. It’s ok to get mad. You have permission. Choose no harm as a way of life and all will settle into place and your vision will be cleared. The prescription for bitterness is to know that the antidote always lies within the poison. The poison can be many things.

Choose to be a peaceful warrior.
Dip your arrowheads well. Aim with love and let peace be your intent.
Where are the others?

Negativity is the devil.

Hillary Raimo