After 13 years in alternative media, publishing three books and contributing to 16, numerous articles and interviews later, here I am. With a unique perspective on world events, my time as a radio host also brought many experiences my way. I met extraordinary people, and was privileged to have an hour conversation a week for a decade (give or take a few weeks off) and it was part of my spiritual growth to say the least. I found myself exploring the Great Pyramid on Giza, the old ruins of Manchu Picchu and Stonehenge. It brought me to the Temple of the Sun & Moon at Teotihuacan, the megalithic sites of Ireland and eventually to the Native American sites nestled deep in the American Southwest. As I followed my heart I was brought to many fulfilling and beautiful adventures. Now mostly photographs and memories, I seek to instill my learning into my artwork, poetry, writing and infuse it into the real time collective climates.

My greatest adventure so far, has been birthing and raising my two sons.
Motherhood has been my greatest teacher.

Here, on this blog,  you will find a sample of who I am in this lifetime. But it will not give insight into the full power of my love, as only those in close proximity get to feel that. In the meantime, I offer a glimpse into my world. May it inspire you.

Hillary Raimo
September 8th, 2017

Bethlehem Art Association, President
CEO/Owner/Founder of LBE Publishing LLC

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