Radio Work


Hillary Raimo began her radio career in 2005 on WVK2 1240AM terrestrial talk radio in upstate New York. In 2008, she began broadcasting online with Achieve Radio where she continued for the remainder of her radio career. At times Hillary would guest host, or help produce, a short run on other networks, including World Puja Network, BBS Radio and Capricorn Radio. In 2016, Hillary started YinRadioTV, an online content platform, and began to mentor inspiring radio hosts, many who began their own shows soon after.

As a regular contributor to popular online magazine’s like Sirvana East, Hillary’s articles can also be found in Rebelle Society magazine and Healing Springs Journal. Hillary’s many years of experience hosting a weekly radio show has helped shape her unique world perspective and she is often sought after as a guest on radio & TV shows. Her guest appearances have included Veritas Radio with Mel Fabregas, as seen on the History Channel, 1150AM KKNW Seattle with Loretta Brown, Positive Talk Hour with Jeremy McDonald, WCSB-FM The Ray Carr Show University of Cleveland, The Donna Seebo Show, KTKK AM Salt Lake City, VoiceAmerica with Paula Joyce, Unity FM Radio with Temple Hayes, and Robert Manni Guy’s Guy Radio.

In 2016, while Hillary was writing a book proposal for the prestigious Cambridge University’s Nine Dots Prize, she was invited to host a political podcast throughout the Presidential campaign. These included interviews with Chad Marlow the head counsel of the ACLU for Data Privacy, Mark Watne NDFU President on Corporate Farming, Arvin Vohra the National Libertarian Vice Chair, John G. Heim Clean Water Movement, Colin O’Neil on GMO’s & the Dark Act. Many of these important shows can be found throughout the internet.

Feeling passionate about her body of work, she carefully chose 20 shows and transcribed them into print resulting in her 3rd book release Spring 2018. Her book preserves a piece of time, and protects valuable alternative media content. An important consideration facing content makers in the current realities of internet censoring. The digital age encourages many important questions, and Hillary is still asking them. Hillary officially retired from the radio industry in 2017. She currently oversees LBE Publishing LLC and is President of the Bethlehem Art Association in Delmar, New York.

Her books are widely available in paperback & eBook on Amazon, Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble, Lulu

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Her interviews and guest appearances have aired on iTunes,
Goggle Play, Tune In, Stitcher, AM & FM Radio.