“Formation” by Hillary Raimo 41st Photography Regional at Collar Works Gallery, spring 2019

UPCOMING: “Formation” will be on display at the 2019 Photography Open at the Salmagundi Club July 15th – August 2nd. Reception Friday July 26th 6-9pm,
47 5th Ave, NY NY 10003


On the summer solstice 2017 I had the privilege of photographing the largest mineral collection to size in the world.

Privately owned by Richard Berger Masterpieces of the Earth Collection  is an extraordinary, mind-blowing experience of ancient elemental elders of our planet.
Living emanating beings of form. These often car sized crystal specimens included the Fontainebleau Concretions. These stunning pieces of ancient crystalline sand, water and alchemical forces of nature are some of the worlds most fascinating natural formations.

In 1988, the greatest find of Fontainebleau concretions in the last 350 years was unearthed and Richard Berger was so taken by their exotic beauty, that he contracted to acquire and represent the entire discovery.  Fontainebleau concretions from his Masterpieces Of The Earth Collection are now part of the permanent collections of The Smithsonian Institution (where a giant concretion resides immediately adjacent to the Hope Diamond), The Houston Museum of Natural Sciences, The Burke Museum Of Natural History And Culture,  and The Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History, as well as being a prominent part of a number of fine private art and mineral collections around the world.

The sand itself is 99% pure white silicate quartz sand and has been mined since the Middle Ages as source material for the stained glass windows of the great cathedrals of Europe as well as for fine Italian art glass through the centuries. Although the concretion was created two million years ago, it was formed in sand that was deposited 29 million years ago that was part of the ancient eastern shoreline of the Atlantic Ocean.

In the early 1900’s, there was a small find of concretions from Fontainebleau, and three of the most renown sculptors of the 20th century, Jean Arp, Costantin Brancusi, and Henry Moore had them in their studios and utilized the Fontainebleau concretions as a core source of inspiration for their work. These natural, extraordinarily sculptural formations also ignited the imagination of some of the French Surrealists.

This spring I will have my first public viewing of my photographs from my visit of the Masterpieces of Earth Collection.

“Formation” will be on display at the 41st Photography Regional at Collar City Gallery in Troy New York, guest curated by Kathleen Vance and Daniel Aycock directors of Front Room Gallery in NYC.

I promised to release my images and donate 100% of the sales to helping the manifestation of Richard’s vision of a Masterpieces of the Earth Museum. So these beings of immense consciousness can be experienced by everyone. Contact Collar Works Gallery for purchase instructions & pricing.

Hidden away in an undisclosed location are these incredible beings of force and form. My experience of them was unique and powerful. My hope was to capture their intrigue, sound and spirit in my images.

This summer I return to photograph the progression of the museum collection since I last saw it two years ago and to personally deliver my photograph “Formation” to Richard Berger who has requested it for display. You can’t imagine my excitement. They now have a 900sq. ft prototype of the giant crystal natural immersion space added to their 7000sq. ft display space.

The exhibit ends April 27th.


When asked what he thought of the Masterpieces of the Earth collection after viewing it, Stephen Hawkings replied,Impressive

Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 6.50.12 PM


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Ireland The Diaries, Opens April 8th 2019

Screen Shot 2019-02-13 at 8.34.01 PM

Standing on the cliffs of the far northern sea, I whispered in the winds, all the secrets that be. The wind replied, and the sea sang a song. The grasses all bowed their heads.”

Ireland, The Diaries will feature images from my adventures in the far north of the green lands of mythical rhymes and delicate flower.

It will include a preview of select images that will be going on exhibit at the Irish Heritage Museum later this year.

Pop up gallery event / Uncommon Grounds
Albany New York,  April 8th – 30th 2019
Select work will be available for sale

2018 Albany Center Gallery Members Exhibit, Untitled Sculpture by Hillary Raimo Prompts Extreme Self-Reflection

Exhibit December 7th – January 19th, 2019 Albany, New York

Acquisition Inquires Contact
The Albany Center Gallery 
488 Broadway, Albany, NY 12207
518.462.4775 Tony Iadicicco

Body image is personal. Often steeped heavily in delusional thoughts, disassociated reality, anxieties, social pressures, age and time.

No one likes every part of themselves. Facets hidden deep below the surface buried in the subliminal landscapes. Beauty is a matter of opinion. Self & otherwise.

The disintegration of what is acceptable, like sagging skin and fat thighs.

Value changes as the crone emerges. Societal suicidal death.

Repulsive is the ability to enjoy pleasure, when you look like THAT. Dysfunctional definitions defining border walls between one & another.

Do genitals define gender? What about the biochemical reactions burning in the veins? The power of birth cannot be changed. In your face truth, like how we really feel about pain.

Let her be.

Look into the greatest fears, see how you dodge them.

Pleasure is a birth right.
Body is relative.
What one finds repulsive, another finds beautiful.

Dedicated to the year of dramatic change and #metoo.
To bond not in victimization, but empowerment. An amulet of sexual power.

Clay Sculpture, 2018
Hillary Raimo

“Untitled” Clay Sculpture (2018) Hillary Raimo, Albany Center Gallery

Acquisition Inquires Contact
The Albany Center Gallery 
488 Broadway, Albany, NY 12207
518.462.4775 Tony Iadicicco










The Art of Art by Hillary Raimo


Do you really want to know all there is to know?
What then would keep you seeking?

If seeking no longer exists, what state is that?

Are you an empty vessel if you are filled with knowledge?
What else is there to know besides love?

How do you ride your horses through the cities?

Only the divine masculine can inseminate his knowledge, into her. The nucleus of the cell, fusion, dimensional. Law of nature.

Is vision the architect?
How can the dreamer preform the plan, if no one inspires the opening of the level of consciousness needed?

Is connection the answer?

What if we just let out our highest version of self unto the world and let it happen?

Words have power.

Read it again.

– Hr