What I Learned This Fall by Hillary Raimo

This fall was a productive season for me. Traveling to the high peaks of the Adirondacks to study with the Adirondack Photography Institute, to the Pacific Northwest and Olympic National Park to the beautiful charming coast of Maine. The changing colors of the leaves made the journey even more spectacular with a display worthy of any artists greatest feat. Losing my father this year has made me very mindful of where I put my time and energy. Loss is a fertile ingredient for creative transmutation. I have learned and quickened more this year than any other. I have produced three new bodies of work from my travels this fall: Inner Earth SeriesAdirondack Series and the Coastal Maine Series.

Coming in 2020, I have been invited to be the artist in residence for the grand opening of the Art Adventure Loft and Gallery on 7 in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. I will be spending the winter producing work for this solo exhibit in June, and I will be living in the artists loft for almost 3 weeks next summer. Special thanks to Marcene Glover Studios for sponsoring me. I look forward to expanding my comfort zones and picking up the paint brush again.

This past October I traveled to the Pacific Northwest to photograph the Masterpieces of the Earth Collection, the worlds largest mineral collection to size in the world. Privately owned by Richard Berger, this collection has produced acquisitions for the Smithsonian, The Museum of Natural History, and many more well known venues. These giant crystals are equivalent to ancient mineral elders and when in their presence it is easy to feel humble.

On location in York Maine most recently, working with Ed Fritz and the Schenectady Photographic Society, I toured the area for the first time. Charmed by the iconic coast it was easy to find great things to shoot, and my fellow travelers made it fun to relate to each others perspective and eye. I can’t think of much else better then musing with other artists and sharing experiences and adventures.

This winter promises solitude, quiet and a cleaned out studio! As I prepare for next year and two solo gallery exhibits, I pull back on some other manifestations in order to make room for some concentrated focused love.

Nubble Lighthouse, York Maine Hillary Raimo 2019




A Short Medicine Story Continued… by Hillary Raimo

Read Part One 

He slowed down and pulled the car over. He looked her in the eye.
“Lady, get out of my car.”

She looked at him intently. Never breaking his gaze. She settled her mind, expanding the field.

Her eyes were hypnotic. He felt held. He couldn’t understand what was happening to him. His body began to warm up but not in a sexual way. His fantasies dissolved and his sexual energies couldn’t distract his attention. He was stunned, confused and off. His usual inside stories couldn’t form. His reasonings left him naked. He felt open, vulnerable, and seen.

She saw the clearing in his mind. It was good he had pulled the car over. This gave them some more time, as it was relative to this place. She took a deep breath, and relaxed her heart.

“In the future one of your relatives becomes a world leader. The genetic memory of how you love is the root of disease in your relative. Where I come from this viral seed of consciousness spreads as an epidemic and changes the course of all history.”

His mouth hung open. He wanted to punch her in the face. For a moment he visualized it. His hand making contact on her pretty smooth cheek, knocking her pretty white teeth out. Why couldn’t he have just picked up a normal horny desperate bitch who would gladly take his ten dollars for a blow job. He didn’t know what to think. His thoughts swirled in multiple directions. He took a deep sigh.

“Please get out of my car you crazy psycho.” he looked at her with distain.

“Look. I know this is a lot to take in. But I don’t have a lot of time. We are going to go over that hill up there and collide with another time line. There is a good chance if you don’t change your heart about how you see me, that you’ll destroy all hope for the eradication of this disease. You are the root of hate.”

He wondered if his gun was still under his seat.

To be continued….





Time Travel, Consciousness, Twinkeys, Love and Pleasure by Hillary Raimo

It’s all about brainwaves.
What fine tunes you.
How you are fed and what you thrive on. In that spirit, I offer you a short story.

Once upon a time in a land right at home, there lived an old man who had spent his life chasing superficial things. Shallow and warm, he faced himself every day. Drama and negativity ruled his mind. It kept him from finding his twinkey.

You see, love is the only thing that alchemizes your biochemistry to create the twinkey, but this old man had forgotten this wise and ancient fact. He hid his true self and shut down his creativity on purpose to meet his daily requirements of a society not fit to stir his muses.

Every day he woke up and off to work he went to pay bills in a system meant to enslave with debt. He did not see the miracles surrounding him. They shimmered just out of reach. Some days he would believe the visions he saw, but most of the time he didn’t.
He slept with whores. Getting off in just enough ways to keep him content. Each time he sank a little deeper into the quick sand of self-hate.

His consciousness was covered in muck. Numbed by choices and misunderstandings, he grew hardened, his sight weakened, and he could no longer hear the wind.

One day while driving on the same road he always drove, there was an anomaly. She was walking with her back towards him. Her hair hung wild and loose. Determination was her stride, knowing where she was going. He pulled up along side her and asked her if she needed a ride. She turned her head abruptly at the interruption in her journey. He slowed down, and she headed for the passenger side.

“Where are you from?” he asked.
“I’m from tomorrow.” she said.
He thought immediately she must be crazy and needed to be returned to some mental hospital somewhere close by because obviously she had escaped. He tightened up in defense. His body rigid and stressed. His blood changed in the fear and his thoughts began to stir frantically to make sense of it.

She knew she couldn’t reach him in this state. He was closed to her. She had to increase the love and change his blood. If they drove past the site while he was in fear, it would change the world. They didn’t have much time. A very short window.

The old man sat there in silence thinking maybe he’d fuck her. As he felt the chub grow between his legs he imagined her naked. What a sight he bet that was. He had her right where he wanted her, and he planned on enjoying it.

She knew he was thinking of her in a sexual way. This was this eras error. Most, if not everyone, was sexually dysfunctional. Pornography had shaped the minds of humans in strange ways in this time, and womens true power as the twinkey had been obscured intentionally. She knew what she was going to have to face coming here. Ready she looked at him, and wondered when was the last time he was really loved?

“Do you know what a twinkey is ?” she asked.
Now he knew she was a psycho. Crazy bitch. I should kill her and dump her on the side of the road.

“Huh?” he replied. His chub growing a bit harder. She might be crazy but she’s pretty he thought. His sexual energy growing in waves.

“A twinkey is a substance inside of us that we produce under certain conditions biochemically. It has the ability to make you feel and look younger. It gives you better sight, both outwardly and inwardly. It opens the channels in time and allows you to cross it releasing healing properties in the body and healing ailments. It creates a stronger psychic connection between people. It is a design in the human genetic code that stirs the rejuvenation of your cells. A twinkey is created like a bridge in the presence of two people. Each person opens the other, a safety precaution and cause for relationship.”

He looked at her sideways. “Lady are you trying to fuck me?”
She laughed.  The sight was just up the next hill. She had very little time.

“When was the last time you were truly loved?” she leaned closer to him.
“I was married for 35 years.”
“Did you love her?”
“I don’t believe in love. She made me breakfast everyday. She kept a clean house. She was a good woman.” he sighed as if confessing no.
“Was the sex deep and satisfying?”
Now he knew she wanted to get fucked. She must be a hooker. He remembered he had ten dollars in his wallet. Maybe he could get a blow job for that.
She could read his thoughts.
She wondered if she’d make it. He was deeply entrenched in his programming. He didn’t see her properly to engage. He would just try to have sex with her instead of opening his mind to her.

“For the twinkey to work two people must be in agreement to engage. It is not sexual unless it becomes sexual. It is not about fucking. It is a state of love that reaches deep into the body, where your biochemistry is activated. I’m not a hooker.”

He looked at her funny, how did she know what he was thinking! Who is this lady! He planned on dropping her off at the next gas station and he’d be on his way. This crazy bitch. Why did this kind of thing always happen to him he wondered.

“Because you’re meant to help save the world, and you can’t do it if you don’t change your mind about how you see things. Your fate is intermingled with the fate of all people. How you choose to conduct your relations with others is the key to changing everything. I’m from the future. I came back to teach you how to find your twinkey.”

He was thoughtless for a moment. Just long enough for her to see it. She might make it she thought. She looked up just in time to see…..

To be continued.








Salmagundi Club 2019 Photography Open FORMATION by Hillary Raimo

“Without being able to source the core imagination of the earth as the seed crystals of vision, human creativity would be so diminished. Trying to imagine a rhinocerus or a tree frog or a sequoia or a drop of dew or a blazing sun or a liquid cloud morphing from a bunny rabbit to an angel to a thunderhead spewing flames… and being able to riff off those myriad experiences and forms without their templates previously existing in the world, it would melt the human mind to even begin to come up with this stuff. The earth, and nature, are the training wheels of our imagination.” – Richard Berger, Owner Masterpieces of the Earth Collection 


My photograph FORMATION is on show at the 2019 Photography Open Exhibitions at the Salmagundi Club in Manhattan New York through August 2nd. This photograph of the Fountainebleu Concretions from the Masterpieces of the Earth Collection will reside in the private collection of owner Richard Berger after its presentation at Salmagundi.

The world needs positive images of the Earth right now. Reminders of the beauty that is all around us, and the hope that comes with it.

Chosen from 400+ submissions the photographs in the Open represent the talent of both famous well known photographers, as well as those up and coming in their craft.

Read more about Hillary’s adventures with The Masterpieces of the Earth Collection

Royal Society of American Art Summer Invitational Exhibit Ruin at The Royal


On view July 12th – August 23rd by appointment only
email gallery@rsoaa.com

Artists Exhibiting in RUIN at The Royal Friday July 12th, 2019:
Paul Brainard | Ryan Frank | Sarah Fuhrman | Jude Griebel | Jen Hitchings | Caitlin McCormack | Seren Morey | Miller Opie | Taisiya Naumovich | Laini Nemett | Anna Ortiz | Hillary Raimo | Lauren Silberman | Keith Sirchio | Jeanne Tremel | Virginia Wagner


Hillary Raimo Plaxall Gallery NYC Welcome to the Multiverse


Welcome to the Multiverse 
Curated by Janet Rutkowski
June 19th – July 21st Plaxall Gallery Queens, New York

In collaboration with the Plaxall Gallery & Long Island City Artists (LiC-A) in Long Island City, NY, LiC-A member Janet Rutkowski presents Welcome to the Multiverse,
a fine art exhibition exploring the illusion of perception, parallel universes, and the surreal nature of reality viewed through the awe-inspired lens of theoretical physics. This diverse group of artists create their view of these realities through a wide range of styles and materials.

Hillary Raimo’s “Time Acceleration” has altered the medium of photography into a mesmerizing liquid of unknown origin.” – Janet Rutkowski, Curator


Greatly inspired by Quantum Physicist Tom Campbell’s My Big Theory of Everything (MBT), Hillary’s perspective on consciousness, quantum physics, creative energy, art and how that all works together has changed. She hopes to capture a telepathic moment between the observer and the creator in her work. Time Acceleration offers a multi-dimensional experience of the past, present and future co-existing simultaneously. It gives a glimpse of the eternal conflict of dark and light. It offers resolution of dualistic misconceptions, and bends the medium of photography into a tool for looking directly into the multiverses that coexist everywhere.



The Multiverse, a place where all things merge,
meaning subsides, fate fades into..
something else.
Consequential momentum bends space,
time follows.
Gravity pulls speeding lights in.
Orbs of perspective float hopeful to meet something that will penetrate
massive knowledge of the universes it has seen, come and gone.
Warp speed is not always a choice.
Creative energy is life.
So many ways to see.
I hope to capture that in this piece of work.
Time bending, shape shifting, primordial mix of dark and light.

– Hillary Raimo



2019 Photography Open Salmagundi Club
47 5th Ave, New York, NY 10003
On view lower galleries July 15th – August 2nd
Opening reception Friday July 26th 6-9pm

Salmagundi Club 2019 Photography Open July 15th – August 2nd NYC

Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 4.30.53 PM
“Formation” has been accepted into the 2019 Photography Open at the Salmagundi Club in NYC. The show will run July 15th – August 2nd with a reception Friday July 26th 6-9pm.

“Formation” was recently on exhibit at the 41st Photography Regional at Collar Works Gallery in Troy, NY.  The work was 1 of 15 pieces chosen for the regional. Guest curated by Kathleen Vance and Daniel Aycock directors of Front Room Gallery in NYC, the exhibit received rave reviews in the Albany Times Union and the Hudson Valley 360.

The photograph is a section of a Fontainebleau Concretion. These stunning pieces of ancient crystalline sand, water and alchemical forces of nature are some of the worlds most fascinating natural formations.

In 1988, the greatest find of Fontainebleau concretions in the last 350 years was unearthed and Richard Berger was so taken by their exotic beauty, that he contracted to acquire and represent the entire discovery.  Fontainebleau concretions from his Masterpieces Of The Earth Collection are now part of the permanent collections of The Smithsonian Institution (where a giant concretion resides immediately adjacent to the Hope Diamond), The Houston Museum of Natural Sciences, The Burke Museum Of Natural History And Culture,  and The Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History, as well as being a prominent part of a number of fine private art and mineral collections around the world. Read more about Hillary’s work with The Masterpieces of the Earth Collection here.