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A collection of conversations from the years 2008 – 2018 including David Icke, Dr. Judy Wood, Robert Bauval, Jim Marrs, Dr. Riki Ott, Barbara Hand Clow, Gail Rex, John Perkins, Dr. Steven Greer,  Phil Corso Jr,  Dr. Carol Rosin, ACLU head counsel Chad Marlow, NSA whistleblower Wayne Madsen, Stuart Trusty, Hilary Carter, Tom Campbell, Angela Kaufman, Lynn Andrews and Chun Rosenkranz.

Through these important years Hillary Raimo was asking powerful questions as an alternative media (non-mainstream) radio host on terrestrial and internet radio. These 20 conversations were chosen for this book to provide the reader with a window in time and a glimpse into how we got to where we are today. In a day & age when information can sway elections, people’s opinions and fuel propaganda, it is more important than ever to be able to navigate our digital lives with mindfulness and clarity.

This book gives insight into some of the biggest topics challenging the world today. These transcripts offer a journey through the age of social and global reorganization without the censorship of mainstream media. They reveal the power of alternative non-mainstream media and the voices that helped free minds worldwide.

Wow! If you want to enlighten and inform yourself then read this book. Reading this book is a bit like sitting down at a dinner table and having a conversation with 20 really interesting people, people who think out of the box and who have knowledge and insights that will awaken you to a new way of looking at the world. I actually thought I was very well informed about esoteric and fringe stuff but I learned a lot of new stuff from reading these transcripts. Hillary has done us a huge favour by bringing all this cutting edge information into one place. It is definitely worth putting aside the time to read it. Highly recommended.”  – H.Carter, UK

Hillary is always informative and interesting ; she gets to the ‘salient’ points and has a unique ability that helps you understand and see the bigger picture without any ‘fluff’ – thank you for writing such a wonderful book and sharing a lifetimes experiences. A truly wonderful book that everyone should read.” – Jonathan R. UK

After 13 years on the air these 20 conversations were chosen because of their unique ability to uplift, encourage, entertain, and inspire readers. Covering topics from technology, time travel, ET’s, 9/11 and consciousness by some of the leading and most intelligent minds of the times. As you re-read these conversations over and over, you will experience the power of these co-created, combined synergies.

Hillary Raimo is one of those very unique individuals with spiritual quality, intellect, and remarkable artistic abilities as a painter and photographer whose life’s purpose is to bring us those gifts in a such a way as to get us to think in a big picture way about our world. She is the “there is more to our physical world” ambassador, as well as an advocate for protecting our earth. Rarely does a combination of gifts come together to help us realize the immense diversity of this existence we live in and its many complexities. Her show transcripts draw out the best in her amazing line up of guests. She is equally at ease with physicist Tom Campbell (My Big TOE, a theory of everything with Consciousness at the root) who always advocates healthy skepticism, as she is with interviews on healing the earth, 9/11, conscious computers, big corporations, and other highly diverse topics. No subject is off the table and wit, humor, and courage abound! Dive in!” – Donna Aveni, USA