Miso and His Journey into the Afterlife

“Miso and His Journey into the Afterlife” Mixed Media Hillary Raimo 2019

In this piece I contemplate death, transition, dying consciously, pain and understanding the interconnectedness of the human and animal bond. I make a humble attempt to understand the emotional inner landscape they create in color, layer and texture.

The Day My Cat Died

If Jesus died for our sins.
Then my cat died for our hate.

Take it with you..
where exactly.

How do you know where your thoughts go?

My temple cat ascended.
Castle in the clouds.

If Jesus died for our sins,
aren’t we all clean?

If Miso died for our hate,
how can we now?

If you don’t trust yourself,
you won’t trust anyone.
Good luck with that.

He lights up the rainbow bridge.
Pain be gone.

Miso was my soulmate.
I held him as he crossed over.

Death is just a door.
In contemplating this piece, I mused on all of that.

– Hillary Raimo


“Miso and His Journey into the Afterlife” Mixed Media, 2019 Hillary Raimo¬†