The Art of Art by Hillary Raimo


Do you really want to know all there is to know?
What then would keep you seeking?

If seeking no longer exists, what state is that?

Are you an empty vessel if you are filled with knowledge?
What else is there to know besides love?

How do you ride your horses through the cities?

Only the divine masculine can inseminate his knowledge, into her. The nucleus of the cell, fusion, dimensional. Law of nature.

Is vision the architect?
How can the dreamer preform the plan, if no one inspires the opening of the level of consciousness needed?

Is connection the answer?

What if we just let out our highest version of self unto the world and let it happen?

Words have power.

Read it again.

– Hr


Hillary as a guest on Empower Radio w/Lisa Campion, Listen to the Replay

Listen to Hillary’s most recent interview as she discusses her new book, the art of conversation, and why quality information matters but not the way we think it does!
Recorded July 5th, 2018 on The Miracle of Healing w/Lisa Campion Empower Radio


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Is Your Relationship Holding Back The Highest Form of Synchronicity? by Hillary Raimo


Have you ever felt a strong connection to someone else that you could not fully explain? Commonly many do not explore it because of another relationship in their life. A partner’s jealousy, paranoia or relationship ‘rules’ get in the way of allowing that connection to be explored. The connection can sometimes be mistaken for an inappropriate sexual intention. Although sexual energy could be present, I am referring to the stronger gravity-like pull that brings two people together purposefully as if guided by a higher power. It is distinctively different then lust.

In an age where morality appears to be a matter of opinion or religious affiliation, has to sense this subtle higher connection between oneself and another become a lost art? Weighed down by social labels and conformity, often these special moments go unnoticed, unacknowledged and dismissed.

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