American Sacred Sites Fall 2019 w/Hillary Raimo & Maria Wheatley


Sunday October 6th – Friday October 11th, 2019
with Maria Wheatley & Hillary Raimo

Tentative Itinerary (subject to change)


Sunday October 6th 
Woodstock, NY – Arrive/Check-in
Welcome to the heart of the Catskill mountains in New England. People from all over the world travel to the Northeastern United States during Fall for the infamous color change.
Group Welcome Dinner 5pm

Overnight in Woodstock


Monday October 7th
After breakfast we drive to Putnam County in the beautiful Catskill Mountains. Here we meet our local guide and explore the Northeastern Stone Chambers steeped in mystery and local lore. Today we spend time at three different local stone chamber sites.

Group dinner in Putnam, back to Woodstock.

Overnight in Woodstock


Tuesday October 8th
Today we visit the Karma Triyana Dharmachakra Buddhist Monastery located near the village of Woodstock.

Afternoon Free/Dinner on own.
Evening lecture with Maria Wheatley 7-9pm

Overnight in Woodstock

Wednesday October 9th
Check out of hotel/Breakfast
Today we travel through the changing forest leaves of the Northeastern mountains to the ancient ruins of Gungywamp in Groton, Connecticut. Afternoon visit Gungywamp, sunset
Free evening/Dinner on own

Overnight in Groton, Connecticut


Thursday October 10th
Check out/Breakfast
Travel to Americas Stonehenge, New Hampshire.
Afternoon at Americas Stonehenge/Sunset
Farewell group dinner.

Overnight in New Hampshire


Friday October 11th
Say Goodbye!
Check out/Travel back to Albany, NY

*Closest airport Albany International Airport,  Albany New York
*Meals are not included
*We will be staying at a hotel in each area, alternative options for lodging available. Participants will be responsible for making their own hotel reservations and given a list of accommodations to choose from after they register.

A more detailed itinerary will be provided for registered participants. 


US$300 Deposit

Secures your spot on the Fall 2019 Ancient American Sacred Sites Tour w/Maria Wheatley & Hillary Raimo October 6th – 11th – Balance due in full by July 1st, 2019



US$995.00 Payment in Full

Welcome to the Fall 2019 American Sacred Sites Tour w/Maria Wheatley & Hillary Raimo


Meet Your Tour Guides 

Maria Wheatley 

For nearly 30 years, author and researcher, Maria Wheatley, has researched megalithic sites across the world. Maria is a second generation dowser and geomancer who is the UK’s leading authority on the geodetic earth energies, ley lines and grid lines.
She has lectured worldwide and has shown the British Dowsers and other dowsing societies how to locate and find geodetic earth energies. Maria has worked alongside experts such as Rodney Hale to prove the existence of earth energies and how the stones can transmit electromagnetic energies.
Maria was the first independent researcher to track down and photograph the elongated (long skulled) people of Stonehenge. Her exciting new finds regarding the long lost people associated with the ancient monuments will soon be published in her forthcoming book, which will be a  world first.
Maria has tracked down a unique priestesshood of Europe, the Bronze Age King or Priest that once ruled Avebury Henge, the Neolithic Queen of Stonehenge and has unearthed new finds that show us how and why certain monuments were constructed and used.

 also runs for courses on dowsing, past life regression, Druidic Soul Star Astrology and tarot. She is available for personal Skype readings or house and land clearing.

Visit Maria’s website to learn more.

Hillary Raimo

An award winning artist, intuitive, author of 3 books and long time radio host, Hillary has always had a fascination with megalithic structures. Having explored many on her own around the world, her photographs of these often lesser known sites, have brought much needed public attention and debate. Her longtime running radio show through the mid-late 2000’s brought much needed awareness to humanity’s ancient past.

As a world renowned intuitive, Hillary tunes in to the earth energies and paints her visionary artwork. Founder of Love, Breathe for Earth, a global experiential hypothesis alchemizing human love, meditation and nature, Hillary seeks to help facilitate the needed healing between humanity and nature.

Hillary brings 20+ years as a healing arts master teacher in Usui & Karuna Reiki, and as an ordained non-denominational minister. Hillary has studied with healing arts masters all over the world, as well as the indigenous Native Americans in the Southwestern United States.

In today’s digital age, it is more important than ever to establish one’s wellbeing in the health of the world within and around them. – Hr

Visit Hillary’s website to learn more.