Synchronicity and the Great Pyramid by Hillary Raimo

I remember once walking down the grand gallery of the great pyramid. Leaving the kings chamber after an extraordinary experience inside. I was feeling alive, cleansed and filled with glitter. A man was walking up the gallery, I moved to the side so he could pass by. He politely nodded and mumbled a greeting. I stopped and looked at him.

I asked, “What are the odds we cross paths right now, right here?”

He paused, caught his breath, looked me in the eye, smiled, and kept going. I turned and continued my descent.

Many times since that moment I have wondered what would have come from knowing him? What incredible synchronicity could that have been? I know we were meant to meet, talk – a sign perhaps.

But that moment dissolved and moved on.
One day years later, while in my kitchen cooking, I had a random thought that suggested I rethink that. We did not miss our moment, we had our moment. That was it. A simple crossing of being in the grand gallery of the great pyramid. I could’ve kept going and NOT have asked him. I could’ve been less bold.

But I wasn’t, and I did stop and say that. I looked him in his eye and saw a precious opportunity to share a thought out loud. Even as I still recall this stranger moment, I realized how unique this moment was, and I could carry it with me forever. I wondered if I held that same symbolism for him?

These moments are everywhere. Crossing paths with people, opportunities to connect, talk, share, are often overlooked, cut off to soon, or they are filled with negative self speak, insecurities, fears and die before they even experience life.

Finding the synchronicity is a massively misunderstood art.

My moment in the grand gallery was memorable, and as I crossed paths with this man and asked him the question, I smiled; while he paused, everything in that moment was the interaction. Complete in its very existence. The said and unsaid filled the walls of this ancient place. Emanating up into the chambers and out of the shafts into the constellations. While going deep down into the bedrock of Giza.

In that rare crossing of orbits, the balancing of everything, awe was the reigning factor.
That is the magic of synchronicity. Had the power of the ancient forces coordinated all of our movements exactly to cause that very moment? Think about the astronomical and mathematical coordinates that would have to occur.

At the very least we should have had a Turkish coffee!

Hillary Raimo


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