The Shadow As Muse Artist Retreat Egypt 2020


The Shadow As Muse Artists Retreat
Luxor Egypt
March 22nd – 25th, 2020

Come explore the West Bank of Luxor while staying in the luxurious accommodations of Al Moudira Hotel. While we have a theme of working with light and shadow, artists will be invited to experience these ancient sands and ruins through whatever medium they wish.
The grounds of Al Moudira offer numerous opportunities for plein air painting and photography walks. Participants will come together each day in an informal setting to share ideas, work, and conversations. We will dine together under the stars of the Egyptian desert, and find ourselves in the valley of the queens and the crypts of the kings.
While inspired by the ancient Egyptian art on the walls of local ruins and temples, we will visit local art galleries in Luxor and meet Egyptian artists. Bridging cultures and customs we will share perspectives and a mutual love of art. There will be optional day and half day excursions available (not included in event fee). Which will include trips to local temples, the Valley of the Queens and a lovely relaxing sail down the Nile with a local guide.

This four day intensive will be moderated by American artist Hillary Raimo who will design a daily schedule of free flowing intent defining introspection which will hopefully assist in birthing a new work, idea, concept or project. Come ready to immerse yourself in local and ancient Egypt, to seek out and study the shadow, and express that journey creatively.

All participants are responsible for booking their own travel and hotel accommodations. The program will begin promptly on Sunday March 22nd at 11am. We will be staying at the lovely Al Moudira Hotel on the West Bank of Luxor.

The Shadow as Muse, An Artists Retreat
March 22nd – 25th, 2020
Al Moudira Hotel, West Bank of Luxor
US$850 event fee only

Participants will receive a daily schedule once registered.

The Shadow as Muse Artists Retreat

$850 event fee only






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