“Enchanted” Exploring the Abstract in Art by Hillary Raimo


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“Enchanted” by Hillary Raimo 16 x 20 Photograph 2016


“I love to explore the abstract with photography and it is my hope to continue to find unique ways to capture, not only a moment in time, but an idea or philosophy.”
– HR, 2018

Upcoming Events: 
March 2018, IL Faro Restaurant Downtown Albany, New York – solo show
March/April 2018, Bone and Joint Center Albany, New York – solo show

‘Apparition’ on Exhibit Albany Bone & Joint Center, Albany NY March/April 2018

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 9.30.56 AM
Apparition 30 x 40 The Dark Side of Healing, Hillary Raimo


Everyone who has ever experienced pain, this photograph is for you. Everyone who has felt sadness, loneliness, rejection, hatred, depression, self doubt, this photograph is for you. Everyone who has felt harassed, over powered, vulnerable and scared this photograph is for you. Everyone who has hidden their pain under rosy cheeks and people pleasing this photograph is for you. Everyone who has had their stuff triggered by current events, this photograph is for you. Everyone who has experienced the backlash of hate, this photograph is for you.

Sometimes healing hurts the deepest parts of who we are, so we can explore those caves and find the treasures only certain experiences afford.

This image is a mirror for every one who cares to look.
When you stand before it, honesty is best.


On exhibit March & April 2018 at the Bone & Joint Center, Albany New York 





“On the Outside” on Display Albany Center Gallery Through January 10th, 2018


“On the Outside” my award winning photograph will be on display in the Albany Center Gallery Members Show.

The Members’ Show closes this Friday at 5 p.m. Come by to see 150+ diverse works of art created by our members! You’ll see paintings, drawings, printmaking, photographs, mixed media pieces, sculptures, and more! Check out our social media for posts of each wall of the show.

And if you can’t make it to the gallery, you can always see the exhibits on our website via the 360 degree virtual tours, courtesy of ACG Board Member David Phaff and David Bibicoff of Walkthru Photo.

“On the Outside” photograph by Hillary Raimo, 2015 18 x 18, 2nd place winner BAA Spring Show, Bethlehem New York